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  • CPU
    ryzen 5 2600x
  • Motherboard
    asrock b450 pro 4
  • RAM
    2x8 GB crucial ballistix elite
  • GPU
    gigabyte 1660 oc
  • Case
    deepcool shield E
  • Storage
    180GB intel 545s, 480GB kingston a400
  • PSU
    corsair tx550m

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  1. that's weird. it should be called XFR enhancement or something similar. can you look in other menus for it?
  2. they do. you need to find it in bios, every motherboard has it hidden somewhere different. should be under a menu called AMD CBS
  3. that's low as well. you should get around 3.8 all core and around 4.2 single core. Scratch that, I was thinking of the 2600x. enable PBO and see if it can boost higher, since it seems you have the thermal headroom
  4. What monitoring software do you use? Use hwinfo64. Also, if you do a single core cb run, how does is boost in single core?
  5. you sure you haven't changed anything in bios? ram in slots 2 and 4, xmp enabled?
  6. yes you can use the gen 4 slot. there isn't a huge difference, especially in gaming, but generally tlc drives will be faster, so if the price difference is small, it's usually worth it for the long term
  7. memory overclocking is different to cpu overclocking. you can overclock your ram to 3600 by just enabling the xmp profile in bios. you don't need a cooler or overclocking the cpu or anything else for that.
  8. it can. even the 3070 works with your psu.
  9. which motherboard? in general, you can set the ram to whatever speed you cpu/motherboard allows. the 3200 written on the ram just means that it can work up to 3200.
  10. at 1440p it won't bottleneck much. at 1080p it might, if you're after very high fps the psu should be fine