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  • CPU
    ryzen 5 2600x
  • Motherboard
    asrock b450 pro 4
  • RAM
    2x8 GB crucial ballistix elite
  • GPU
    gigabyte 1660 oc
  • Case
    deepcool shield E
  • Storage
    180GB intel 545s, 480GB kingston a400
  • PSU
    corsair tx550m

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  1. It should be slots 2 and 4 counting from the cpu towards the right. How did you have them so far?
  2. you can't really compare carrying a laptop with a cooling pad to carrying a desktop and a monitor. in your situation, i'd go for a laptop.
  3. well, what gpus can you find? generally, there is 0 stock for all gpus. you either have to pay 2-3x msrp on the used market, or hunt for stock and be the first to click add to basket when stores add stock. or queue in front of physical stores early in the morning.
  4. Sounds like a good plan. You existing psu isn't great, so when you decide to upgrade your gpu in the future you should upgrade psu as well.
  5. You would need a monitor for your desktop. Not sure a hotel room tv would cut it.
  6. you might have to do a bios update, since the x570 might not have the correct bios for the 5000 series. unfortunately, this board doesn't have bios flashback, so if this is the case and you need to update bios, you'll have to find an older ryzen cpu to update bios or take it to a local shop and asked them to update it for you
  7. Can you point me to those benchmarks, please? I'd like to stay informed and give good advice, so if you have information that contradicts my own knowledge and advice i'd like to see it.
  8. ram in slots 2 and 4, docp enabled? sounds like some sort of instability, maybe your overclock isn't stable, try reseting bios to factory defaults and see if you're still getting the error. also, try to look in the event log for any system errors that happen when the freeze happens.
  9. your 750w psu is fine. it's good quality and can deal with power spikes. asus recommends 850 for the case you have a bad quality psu and an overclocked 10900k.
  10. you don't have a motherboard apu ram should be in slots 2 and 4, or if using just one stick, slot 1. can you get into bios? might just be a dead gpu.
  11. get a b550 board do yo have a gpu already? the 5600x doesn't have integrated gpu, so without a gpu, you won't get video output.