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New Homelab server suggestion

I am looking for a server to form the basis for my entire homelab setup. I will eventually add additional servers and networking equipment over time. My budget is roughly $1500 to $3000. Ideally less if I can build and upgrade later. I am not super familiar with the server hardware as I am with the consumer side. Here are the things I am looking for

1. Rack mounted

2. Supports ram size from 758 GB to 1.5 TB While a large amount of ram is most of the time not needed. In this case, I need it for Rstudio and large data sets. Rstudio can be very memory intensive. Given the current budget, I suspect I would start out at smaller amount of ram

3. I would like to have a fairly new cpu ~5 to 6 years old. I am not familiar with the Xeon line of processors. I would like to have a server with at least 2 cpus

4. (would be nice) Server that supports 1 or 2 full sized GPUS that I can attach to a virtual machine

5. Server with at least 6 2.5 inch hard drive bays.

6. (nice  to have) DDR 4 ram

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Literally any xeon v3 or v4 4u server on the market basically?

All you listed is wants which is pretty easy to get and all you listed as a usecase was rstudio so pretty hard to really recommend anything specific without knowing what you are expecting it do do.

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Check out Lab Gopher.  You can adjust the parameters to meet your needs.  As @jaslion stated any 'newer' xeon server will suit your needs.



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