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  1. You see the blue screw driver he uses from time to time that looks like his orange. There was a thread a while ago about it's use and he couldn't officially confirm it but he did. He mentioned it in a recent video too how he was using the snap-on but not for much longer.
  2. It's coming. He's been testing it for a while.
  3. Velcade

    Just bought a USW-Aggregation.  Now do I swap o…

    Thanks, most are short. I think I'll swap out for some fiber. I forgot, until you mentioned it, how warm those 10G RJ45s get.
  4. Just bought a USW-Aggregation.  Now do I swap out my X540-T1 for X520-DA1 or do I just buy some RJ45 10G modules.  The price is basically the same between the RJ45 10G modules and the X520-DA1 NICs.  🤔🤔🤔

    1. Windows7ge


      Fiber-optics are more fun to play with and the fiber 10G modules come in at a lower cost. They also operate cooler.


      That or DAC if it's a short run.

    2. Velcade


      3 minutes ago, Windows7ge said:

      Fiber-optics are more fun to play with and the fiber 10G modules come in at a lower cost. They also operate cooler.


      That or DAC if it's a short run.

      Thanks, most are short.  I think I'll swap out for some fiber.  I forgot, until you mentioned it, how warm those 10G RJ45s get.

    3. Windows7ge


      I have a X540-T2 built into a motherboard and it's been nothing but trouble from day 1. She likes to run hot. It's infuriating because it's located under the PCI_e expansion slots so I have no good way of pointing a fan at it. 😕


      Meanwhile all my fiber connections are as cool as cucumbers. 😎

  5. Those madmen over on r/WSB are doing it again!  Full on war with hedge funds.  🚀🚀🚀🚀


    1. Drama Lama
    2. Fasauceome


      I'm riding the GME wave right now, might have to get in on that AMC rocket.

  6. This is simply not true. If you don't make enough money you medical expenses are free.
  7. Velcade

    Apparently my system that's been running for ye…

    *Hello Den-Fi's Insurance Company wait until you hear what this mad lad has hooked up to his dual 2080s*
  8. You don't just die. The hospital has to take care of you, then they'll write it off. If you're poor you can qualify for medicaid.
  9. Velcade

    Ahhh...rain all week. That makes me happy.  

    I wish that was the case here. We're gearing up for one hell of a snow storm. Supposed to drop 10" tonight.
  10. Manufacture: Our temp logger is rated to 175'C


    Me: 185'C should be fine, just run it.


    Temp Logger: Bro, I'm straight up not having a good time.





    1. Letgomyleghoe


      Mr.Velcade I don't feel so good

  11. Velcade

    What the fuck is happening

    wallstreetbets has been on fire lately with GME yolos
  12. Velcade

    What should 3D printing work cost to have someo…

    Might be cheaper to buy a small printer. See if Ender or Prusa will sponsor
  13. Found my first laptop, a Dell Inspiron 9100.  It had a Pentium 4 chip inside.  The thing was a chonk.





  14. Yes what you're looking for is the dots to display (from left to right) red red nothing If the outlet is grounded properly it would lead to a PSU issue.
  15. Not sure what country you live in but grab one of these, for your outlet type, and confirm your outlets are wired properly. If they are it could be a psu issue.
  16. Remove the drive cage and don't space your fans out. Fractal shows how to remove the cage in their manual.
  17. Found my old Studio 1737 from grad school.


    Intel Centrino 2 inside.





  18. Velcade


    Come on FAN 2 get it together.
  19. The case was released in 2018... Thermals in the case are fine. By not adding the side panel you are not directing airflow from the front of the case to the rear of the case. You could remove the front door completely and expose the mesh front panel. FD has a list of compatible accessories https://www.fractal-design.com/products/accessories/ anything else would be custom.
  20. My favorite ERB of all time. The beat and the bars, simply amazing.
  21. The fancy box and the Avenger's game bundle. Chip is chip, no performance difference.