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Ok, so I have this dell laptop wich is pretty good at gaming, however I dont have a smooth experience when I edit 1080p videos using lots of effects, filters and 3d animation. Maybe if I upgrade RAM the video timeline gets smoother, or should I try another thing? What do you suggest?

(yes I know ryzen is better for video editing or that I should get a beast pc but I only have this laptop to work on)

Laptop specs:



GTX 1650

2 x 4GB Ram 2666mhz (want to upgrade it)




Thank you.

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no computer is going to be working smoothly editing with lots of effects if you're just plopping them in there and not bothering to turn down the render quality when previewing. especially not with an i5 and only 8gb of ram.

you basically have to .... use a proper desktop or just expect less becuase i dont think more ram is gonna help that laptop if you're going to do tasks it cannot do

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