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    Dear god what sunken ship did you find this on
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  1. You probably should be buying fans that are 115v box fans and not computer fans
  2. Is there not a cpu on am4 or any other socket that currently.meets your speed requirements
  3. oh. yeah if its only streaming the video feed then it can do that just fine lol.i'd go with more cores and get an x5690 if your board supports it and you can find it at a decent price
  4. are you gaming on the same system or only streaming a video feed
  5. I'd caution you as a user that uses a dual 1366 setup these cpus are reaching the limits for what can be done streaming wise and even myself with two of these cpu's can typically only stream @ 480p smoothly. The platform is almost 12 years old so IDK if a single 1366 cpu is going to do what you really want.
  6. If the pc is brand new just retrun it to where you got it. Its a brand new machine and isnt supposed to bsod
  7. The screen resolutions are two different sizes. This is 100% expected behavior for every dual monitor setup for the last 25 years. You have to make the resolutions the same if you want the mouse to be in the same place on each. The monitors physical size has nothing to do with the resolution as well.
  8. Operating system drivers have nothing to do with anything outside the os
  9. The 3060 is never going to deliver 600$ of visual performance as the card was never designed to do that. Whether of not you purchase the card for the price that it is is up to you if you feel its worth it.
  10. The gpu series has no bearing on 2d capability. Any gpu in the 3000 series will support the same 2d options
  11. Set the gpu fan to 100% then check the temp
  12. You cannot determine a bottleneck by just listing parts without any use case. Just listed the cpu and gpu combo doesnt determine what a bottleneck is.
  13. Yeah youve damaged the surface mounted components of the card using what I assume was a pliers that was way too big. There no telling what othera components are damaged but yeah unless you send that to a skilled soldering guy that card is done
  14. The error looks generic but most likely a program outside of your control dictates what sites you can visit
  15. and or you can just fix the cooling issue as you shouldnt have to undervolt a cpu becuase of overheating issues