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  1. you can actually still run your games at 720p with the 1080 monitor and have no performance reduction.
  2. ther already is no performance loss running 2d monitors off your dedicated gpu. there wasn't 20 years ago and there still isn't. monitors that display 2d imagery like youtube or your desktop don;t require significant amounts of power.
  3. Your parts list appears to have the incorrect price for the 3060 which will affect the funds available to select a board and fit in your budget requirement.
  4. a batteries size doesnt dictate it's lifespan nor it's ability to charge quickly
  5. nevermind. reddit of all places..... came through with a good recomendation.
  6. Ive had my galaxy mega for about 8 years and recently the 4g functionality is starting to not work. I was fine with the gps not working and youtube not working but losing the 4g connectivity has resulted in not being able to download podcast files from the internet. When switched to 3g the connection isn't stable enough and the downloads fail. However after only 20 minutes of googling new phones...... omg is it a nightmare. All of the reviews are covering things i dont care about or ever use like the device thickness or crappy cameras or software i dont want or care about ect...... w
  7. It might be possible in the gpu settings I know rotation is definitely in there
  8. Is there a reason you cant use a server board
  9. did you remove the ram as stated or only run mem test expecting that was the same thing as removing the ram.
  10. As for the actual problem early pci-e 1.0 1.0a and 1.1 systems had compatibility issues with gpu frequently. Make sure their system has its latest bios
  11. A 9600 would basically remove gpu bottlenecks on something like an xp pentium 4 build while remaining very compatible over a newer gpu so its reasonable
  12. Well youll basically need to start removing hardware until the machine can sustain its own power to narrow down the faulty component
  13. Use a standard usb mouse and not the g300. Does that fix it?
  14. can you pull the drive out and see if it will stay running in legacy bios mode