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    Dear god what sunken ship did you find this on
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  1. your cpu isnt even at a warm temperature yet
  2. is that a direct replacement for the gpu the laptop came with? because laptop components aren't typically universal or follow any form factors or standards.
  3. Two systems would actually be considerably faster than a single system and probably cost less. I think just the bus speed alone would be better with two separate machines. If you take a single machine , and duplicate it , you get an exact 50% increase in throughput. Vs trying to build a single machine that matches the speed and throughput of the two slower machines for the same price. This is why you render stuff in render farms with clusters of cheap machines vs trying to build a single mammoth machine.
  4. the power supply isnt very old and nothing in the system uses 750w so you should be able to use it.
  5. I really really want to tell the OP to run more than a single benchmark , and to never overclock when trying to do diagnostics , as it's the worst thing you can do to create more avenues and failure points that just leads them down incorrect paths. But I genuinely get the feeling the OP is looking for confirmation of bias vs diagnostic avenues. But I do hope you get it solved.
  6. xfx has been around for like at least 17 years
  7. the controller is in the pc , the das is outside the pc
  8. I just made a das out of old drives and an lsi controller so yeah what you posted is also an option.
  9. Not sure we needed the pictures , but yeah just buy a sheet of plexi at the hardware store and have them cut it to size and just double side tape it on.
  10. thats not significant enough to be outside of the margin for score variances also , use more than a single program for running diagnostics on a gpu. you currently cannot exclude the benchmark as the problem , although in my opinion you really dont have a problem currently.