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    Dear god what sunken ship did you find this on
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  1. At this point im pretty sure its just bait and I have to stop biting
  2. I dont think the 660 is old enough to encounter issues provided it works
  3. I like that I iterated @dizmo nailed it on the head, but in order to make their points they specifically needed to ignore that and take my post as if........... Edit: Ima just stop there again. Typing out my multi paragraph rant then deleting it really does help keep me in the zen zone. Lol
  4. Which is 100% normal and expected behavior when you use two totally different monitors that are different sizes and resolutions. Typically the only situation where you'd want the image to align between the monitors happens when you uses monitors that are not 100% mismatched
  5. The preview window on the resolution section is showing the relative size differences between resolutions and the placement of the panels in the windows environment and has nothing to do with the screen sizes in real life. Changing the laptop screen to 720p will only be a downgrade
  6. According to your screenshot your machine is well aware of the ultrawides dimensions and resolution.
  7. You arent buying a cheap power supply. If you are then dont buy the 3070 or even continue using the 1060
  8. All my favorite games I already own the install files for so I really have no idea just how bad modern gaming has got with the whole "Rent a game until we take it away" lifestyle
  9. But it didn't really keep you from jumping to the conclusion did it. Just once id like to help an op. Once in a blue moon
  10. And that right there is why online credit card account managing gaming is a stupid idea. Point nintendo 64. Yeah it seems like youre screwed just call your credit card company get your money back and make a new account if you want. Just know that your account is already not yours in the future
  11. If youre filling the vram then im guessing you either set the texture or geometry data way too high, you set the resolution too high, or you have mods installed on the game which basically throws out any sort of performance metric. Which is it
  12. You didnt list anything in the op post that indicated the machine is overheating or even running hot