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  1. Some very hepful guy in the comments said me to download and run a test that writes things in the sd card and those were the results
  2. Thank you for your advice! i've done the test and it only shows 975GB because i moved some videos inside it
  3. Thank you for your help
  4. It was not a troll neither a scam, it arrived today and its working and actually good speeds, I will test COD warzone when I install in it and I see who good it works
  5. Writing speed is about half the speed my HDD, but I mean, it works
  6. My homie it wasnt a scam, it arrived, its workin, writing speeds are 17MB/s but i didnt tested reading speeds
  7. I know it may sound dumb, but hear me out, SDs are just like a SSD, but smol, so I bought this 1TB SD card for 5 dollars and Im thinking about installing some games in it like COD Warzone, does the SD card performs worse than a traditional SSD or HDD? and if it does, how worse are we talking about? is it a good idea to install my games on it? (also im moving my videos and my video editing software's cache to the SD card, is it a good idea aswell? pls drop some tips to properly use this SD card) Thank you.
  8. Ok, so I have this dell laptop wich is pretty good at gaming, however I dont have a smooth experience when I edit 1080p videos using lots of effects, filters and 3d animation. Maybe if I upgrade RAM the video timeline gets smoother, or should I try another thing? What do you suggest? (yes I know ryzen is better for video editing or that I should get a beast pc but I only have this laptop to work on) Laptop specs: i5-9300h GTX 1650 2 x 4GB Ram 2666mhz (want to upgrade it) 1TB HDD 128GB SSD Thank you.