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Are Jonsbo AIOs good?


I was searching for an AIO cooler then I found a cooler that is made by "Jonsbo", the model of the AIO is named "Jonsbo TW2-120 (601) 120mm" and is going for Php 1,250 which is $25, I tried searching Jonsbo AIOs on amazon but theyr'e not selling anything on there. I think Jonsbo aren't selling AIOs on the US, but if you happen to be using one, are they good? Here's the link: http://www.jonsbo.com/en/products_54_3.html. If you're wondering on how I found the cooler, I'm from the Phillipines and I found the Jonsbo AIO on PChub's price list, which is only located on the Philippines.



1. Design with pure copper thermal base and 0.15MM channel, the heat dissipation rate can be effectively enhanced;
2. 256 colors changing effects can be achieved on the pump and fans;
3. Light transmitted transparent PC + tempered glass are used for the pump, the light effectsis crystal clear;
4. The radiator contains 12 all aluminum high-density fins liquid channels, and so the coolant can have full contact with the radiator, in consequence the temperature of the CPU can be lower quickly.

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Basically all 120mm and 140mm AIOs are crap, and so are most of the <$100 MasterLiquids made by CM for that matter. Money is better spent on a decent air cooler.

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any AIO under 240mm is a waste of money, and so are most 240mm ones too. unless you are very space constrained an AIO dosnt make sense

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