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How to recover account without e-mail?




As the title implies, can i get my old account back without the email? (it was my highschool email which has been terminated) Would very much like my old account back seeing as ive logged quite a few hours on it! Obviously i dont have the password anymore either :(.

Account in question is @Freaky_spider if that matters in anyway.


Regards, Freaky

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Almost guaranteed: No... Because of all this E-Mail-Verifier-Thing is to prevent hacking, specifically social engineering

So - If you don't have access to a mail anymore the better way is to ask your old highshool IT to forward an E-Mail to you as they are the only ones who can verify that this e-mail has belonged to you.


If that's not possible, your account is lost...

You are allowed to have animated avatars on LTT, but - try to have images like "userbars" in the signature - no chance...

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that sucks lol. 

I think what you really need to do is contact someone in charge of IT at your old HS and explain the situation- say some accounts are tied to it (don't specify, make it seem more important) and ask if you can have a temporary reactivation or temporary forwarding/alias kinda thing. Also make it clear that you don't need your old emails, you just need to switch accounts using the address. 

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