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Any way i could use a joystick as a mouse???

Spazzy Llama

Hey there!

So recently I got a Logitech 3d pro at a used goods place for only 3 bucks. Not playing many flight sim games, but loving that good deal I went ahead and bought it. Since I use it occasionally for arcade games, I was wondering if I could use it at all as a mouse. Ive searched around online and they all seem pretty fishy, Would love some input.

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4 hours ago, corrado33 said:

Personally you're going to find controlling a mouse with a joystick to be really... really annoying compared to an actual mouse. 

unless OP has lots of experience with a trackpoint, I suspect that you're right.


However, there was a piece of software for the old minecraft that would allow you to use a controller. As I recall, it just emulated mouse movement on the right stick, and wasd on the left stick. That might work for what OP wants to do.

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