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  1. I thought pretty much all truly wireless earbuds have one master and one slave bud - I'm not sure there are any that will actually let you run just the slave. Though at the same time, I'm pretty sure all will let you use the master side alone. (someone please correct me if I'm wrong - I'm genuinely curious.)
  2. What about the updated version, the IE80 S?
  3. I haven't had the time at all recently, even though I keep meaning to go fly. I should really brush up in the simulator though - It's been something like a year since the last time I actually flew.
  4. Are you sure the issue isn't just that you're listening to stuff that's too loud, and when an explosion happens your amp clips?
  5. Generally speaking, yes. A nice pair of noise cancelling headphones will get rid of the majority of the droning noises that happen on any kind of public transport. They will also dampen the sounds of screeching wheels, etc. if that's a concern for you. However, the best way to make pretty much all background noise completely unnoticeable would be to pick up something like a pair of Etymotic ER4 headphones, and use the triple flange tips if you can stomach them. You won't be able to hear anything outside of whatever you're listening to, even at pretty quiet sound levels.
  6. You may have to get an mmcx bluetooth adapter, and lop off the connectors and replace them.
  7. Looks like it: https://support.sonos.com/s/article/257?language=en_US&utm_medium=manage&utm_source=doc-care&utm_content=english-doc-care-manage
  8. Behringer makes some decent stuff that's pretty affordable. Yamaha also makes some good stuff, and I'd probably trust them more though for feature parity they are generally going to be more expensive than behringer. That being said, you don't exactly need a crazy mixer to get this done - you shouldn't need anything more than a basic one. I think that will only work if your headset isn't USB though. e.g. PC1 => mixer, PC2 => mixer, mixer => headphones
  9. Are you able to hook an HDMI cable directly from the PC to the soundbar, just to make sure that the PC can even send sound through the soundbar, to rule that out? (No idea why that would be the case - I wouldn't expect it to be, but it might be worth checking out.)
  10. Have you set the TV to output sound through the sound bar?
  11. Really the only other way to do this would be to invest in a mixer, and just mix the two sources together, but mixers are definitely more expensive than a cable.
  12. Yes, or at least Emotiva calls the knob on the front a volume knob, so I would assume so. (I downloaded and looked at the manual.)
  13. Glad I could help! I was confused at first when you said "cinch" connectors, as I've never actually heard of them before. Turns out that's a common term in Europe - in the US, we call them RCA connectors!