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need help with a cyberpower laptop screen

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Posted · Original PosterOP

iv been trying to get ahold of mechrevo a chinese laptop manufacturer that makes tracer laptops for cyberpower. i got a laptop 3 years ago from cyberpower "tracer 2 15in" my right hinge broke after warrenty so i called cyberpower about replacement parts. thay sent me to mechrevo with a model # X6Ti-S. i desided to just glue the hinge back on after that. 


a year later and suddenly the screan started blinking. after messing with the brightness and setting it to 0 it stopped blinking. every other day or when playing games it will start blinking againg and i need to mess with the brightness to get it to stop. 


i think its the inverter for the backlight but the mechrevo sight dosent seem to have the part on thare list and calling them gives a chinese machine with no press 2 for english function the only other thing on thare sight is a wechat app forum iv tried it and nowone has responded. dont even know what channel to go to because its all in chinese carictors im so lost.


any help would be awsome.. is thare a universal converter or something i could use? .. should i peel the front cover off and see if thares a board # or something that could help?

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If you want the honest truth you're screwed. Its after warrantee and you are chasing a service center that doesnt exist.


It is either a tongfang or clevo model remarketed. You can try replacing the panel, but likely it is the backlight driver circuit, which you can try to troubleshoot at the component level or you can replace the laptop.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so hopeing to fined a compatible backlight driver / inverter would be hard / impossible ? kinds sucks to throw away a 989$ laptop just because of a 35$ part


fyi iv found a full lcd screen replacement for this model on a us websight but thay dont have the board for it



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33 minutes ago, randyn said:


I think I found your problem.


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