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  1. The kemove shadow and snowfox are pretty cheap and hotswappable. The build quality is pretty high as well. Swap the switches out for silent switches and you're set. Plus its bluetooth, may not be super important to you, but it is one less cable to drag around in class.
  2. For me it is less of a size issue and more that the height of the g604 puts my wrist at a weird angle. I find the triathlon much more comfortable. The g604 was in stock when I needed it and I dont have much bad to say about it other than it is too tall for me, and the software is a royal pain to save your settings to the on board memory. For keyboard consider ordering a switch sampler and see what you like. If I reccomend a keyboard its gonna be something hotswappable with tactile switches because that is my preference. Maybe look at the gmmk or the kemove shadow. Both should be av
  3. It sounds like you are trying to make your setup more ergonomic and minimize stress on yourself. Personally the biggest improvements to my setup were going to a 60 percent keyboard so that my mouse is in a more natural position on the desk. I still use a numpad, but it it located above my mouse. Changing your layout will change the comfort level alot. As for mouse and keyboard they are so subjective. I have the g604 right now. Personally I think it is too tall and the side buttons are uncomfortable. I constantly hit them with my thumb. Your experience will v
  4. Looks like plate mounted stabilizers. You should only have to desolder the spacebar switch to repair it. There are plenty of videos on youtube that show how to repair it.
  5. The razer has it's own handful of setbacks. Between synapse and not having true onboard profiles it is pretty much worthless if you use multiple machines.
  6. Not much that hasn't been said already, but feel them for yourself, and dont limit yourself to cherry. Personally I cant stand typing on mx reds, I would rather use a cheap membrane board than get stuck with cherry mx reds.
  7. What keyboard is that? If they're plate mounted stabs you just need to remove/desolder the spacebar switch, then replace the stabiliser, resolder or replace that switch and move on.
  8. Seriously look at the reviews on just about any modern gaming laptop and you'll have your answer. My experience has been that they are extremely prone to failure. You really aren't going to be able to "work on it" short of maybe a ram upgrade or a storage upgrade. You are still going to want everything you have for a tower if you hope to get a passable gaming experience. Monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset. They aren't really convenient. The overwhelming majority of gaming laptops neither game well or laptop well.
  9. The board probably has outemu blues in it, they aren't worth cleaning. Just buy a set of switches that you like, desolder the old and solder in the new switches and enjoy a like new board.
  10. What cooling issue are you hoping to solve by swapping motherboards?
  11. Look at the kemove snowfox. Hotswappable, nice default layout, full rgb control, decent keycaps, very nice stabilizers, bluetooth and wired. It runs a few bucks more than the rk61.
  12. If you can go up to a store and see what fits your hand. I'm using a g604 right now, and it is a bit too big for my hands, but it was what was in stock at the time. It is still kind of hard to find a good mouse in stock.
  13. You could try a wireless usb extender, looks like they run 75-300ish. Most likely it isnt going to work as well as you would like. You can get proper wireless controllers cheaper and easier than trying to make this project work.
  14. Check out the kemove shadow. It is bluetooth, under budget and has very nice build quality for the price.