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Best sound design and Audio in video games

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Halo 2 Theme when they got guitar legend, Steve Vai, to do it.

Then there's the Duke Nukem theme by Megadeth

Huge fan of both Vai and Megadeth, so that's why.

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10 hours ago, Ryan_Vickers said:

Well, it's not impressive, but it is very useful :D

And yeah, rocksmith was a great idea.  I think they missed the mark in some ways though.  Every other song seems to be slightly out of standard tuning, and rather than just adjusting the song to match A440, they make you detune your guitar to match the song.  Colossal inconvenience, totally kills the experience.  That and song selection (library size) will be a perpetual problem for any game like that.

You could sort songs by tuning, but it was kind of annoying how many were slightly different, but that's probably how the actual tuning is, so I can see why they did it. Or maybe they used a capo or something. Thought the song list was decent sized, and there's metric shit tons of DLC song packs, which are still being released which kind of confuses me. Wish at the very least they'd let you use your own cheaper, higher quality cable.

9 hours ago, kilgore_T said:

valve games...all of them


alien isolation


doom 2016




5 hours ago, Raskolnikov said:

Age of Empires 1 & 2.

Total Annihilation.

You guys kind of missed my whole point about "What do you like about it, and why do you think it's the best sound design?" rather than just posting random games.

5 hours ago, Chevy_Monsenhor said:

The OG Quake with the Trent Reznor soundtrack, just amazing, everything fits in that game, the theme, the enemies (and the sounds they make), the guns, just everything. Its even better in engine source ports like GLQuake and Quakespasm.


Also, Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga, although not an amazing game to be played, it was more of a tech demo for the Amiga, with artwork by Roger Dean and music composed by David Whittaker.


Despite the obvious compression artifacts, the Quake sound design is actually pretty decent. You can kind of tell what the sounds are really supposed to actually sound like, and it's better than Call of Duty. xD

That Amiga game soundtrack is certainly interesting, but I don't really think it fits the bill for best audio and sound design. Otherwise I still pretty much adore the theme from The Last of Us, but the rest of the sound design in that game isn't anything amazing.

2 hours ago, AlexTheGreatish said:

I'm going to chime in again and say Hollow Knight, mostly because the soundtrack is awesome (it's my writing a video music most days)



Another soundtrack! xD

As much as it infuriated me and I gave up on it, Ori and the Blind forest has some pretty great music too. Unfortunately I guess I suck at platformers, but that game seems to be expecting perfection in precision when the game really just isn't that precise...

2 hours ago, Volbet said:

I don't really care for emulators. I like the actual console experience. 

Although, Eternal Darkness seems like the kind of game that would see a Virtual Console release at some point, so I might meet it half-way if that's the case. 


I can assure you that the Sanity system is better than the crunching leafs in Amnesia. That system is but a pale imitation:


Yeah, I checked that last night. Some interesting ideas, but not sure it would work today. Most TVs now don't have that big blocky green font. xD Kind of surprising how many of them there are too, but I guess it wouldn't really take that long to implement all of them.

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Can't beat Pong.

On the endless quest
So far into the west
Where history and destiny collide

Your luck will last forever and
The truth will never die
The fates shall be eternal on your side
Prepare to roll the dice just one more time

With the stars in the sky our guide
Voyage ever onwards
Set a course to the other side
Of the endless oceans blue

Treasure Island
Oh, the legends told of a land of rum and plunder
Treasure Island
On a quest for gold we'll sail the seven seas


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