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  1. 100% they are. Pretty sure this also entrapment. Did they only sell it to suspected criminals or could anyone just buy this app and have their private stuff read by multiple global government agencies? Oh. Well then. How did they get them to the criminals in the first place?
  2. I'm so sick of people giving games a bad review because it was designed for a controller. "Everything about this game is awesome, it's what I've been wanting for years, but it was designed for controllers so it's fucking garbage."
  3. Am I crazy? Wasn't January 12th like... a few months ago?
  4. I'm aware it only does stereo PCM, but Win7 and the audio drivers did 5.1. When I was looking at this I saw some things mentioning a hacked Realtek audio driver that added the functionality back in. On Win7 it may not have been 5.1 PCM, but each channel was independently addressable. There was quite a few games that supported DD on PC, always kind of confused me. I guess at this point optical is really just in the past and I really wish some new standard would be made for just an audio cable. I have a 5.1 AVR hooked up to my PC and I have to run it as a monitor since it's only 60hz and HD
  5. I wasn't using the analog. I was using optical trying to get 7.1. It just seems ridiculous, it's a good receiver otherwise, but the 7.1 functionality doesn't seem to actually exist on these older models when all of the upsampling DSP's are only 6.1. Not based on any modern hardware support then. The PS4 recognized it as only 5.1 and the manual said all the DSPs were 6.1. Win10 only recognizes optical as stereo now, because why would something built on the bones of Win7 have the same functionality? If MS hadn't forced me I'd still be on 7.
  6. This only had 5.1 analog inputs, and it would play direct 5.1 audio as 7.1, meaning it was adding something somewhere I didn't want.
  7. I'm definitely anti untested covid vax, but I've heard that the chem trails from planes are also turning people into lizards. Though after watching Dark Waters a few days ago, I honestly wouldn't be surprised. In either case, one of my buddy's electrical engineer co-worker is a flat earther. They've apparently had multiple arguments about it. I guess based on math somehow the fact that GPS exists proves we're on a globe.
  8. I just saw a "shootout" of a whole bunch of subs and the guy tested the frequency ranges with a calibrated mic in an open field. The SVS is definitely something to go for. Very flat response, a lot of power, and good extension into the low range. Here's the video with some budget ones, he later did the SVS on his site. They went down to 12.5hz before failing the CEA-A standard. https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/cea-2010_subwoofer_testing/
  9. THEY ARE NOT RECREATING THE TEXTURE. You have no point. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about. For someone who claims to be involved in the copyright process of artwork you're completely wrong about how any of this works. Why do you think it's only infringement if either they use her entire library, make the entire game solely with her textures, or only if it was present in the Gamecube version? None of those makes any fucking sense. For the last time, they did not, could not, and have not, recreated, nor attempted to recreate, her images. They used her images. You hav
  10. Well apparently the optical connection just straight can't handle 7.1, it can barely do 5.1. This particular 7.1 AVR has a lot of Cinema DSP modes and they only do 6.1. It supposed to upscale, but it only upscales to 6.1, so there's no actual reason for these things to exist. At this point, HDMI will carry Atmos and 7.1 discretely.
  11. Yeah, well that post was on a different page. Procedural textures are clearly recognizable as non-natural, and a tiled texture, doesn't mean procedural. You're the only one here reading into this in such a manner, because it's so mind bogglingly incorrect no one else has this argument. You're claiming that clearly real world textural environments can easily be procedurally generated, and I'm telling you for a fact that's not true. Number one instance is lighting and shadows. Procedural textures are fundamentally incapable of doing that. If an image has self occlusion, varying li
  12. Aside from the fact that only a handful of movies on DVD had 6.1, much less 7.1, it seems impossible to actually get 7.1 over the optical connection and there's not a direct connect for a bunch of stereo pairs like PC motherboards. I guess Windows 10 broke optical surround, but even the PS3 and PS4 won't output 7.1, and all of the matrix/DSP modes on the AVR are 6.1 at most based on the manual. Unless I'm missing something, it seems like 7.1 never actually existed in home AVRs until HDMI came around with LPCM.
  13. No, they couldn't be. The fact that you think that is pretty astounding. What you're arguing is that this image could be done procedurally, which is a fucking laugh; So let's get this straight, you make some bullshit claim, I prove that it's false, then you double down on it? I don't understand what you think the problem is. Capcom didn't make their own textures. What the fuck is the issue here? Again, why are you talking about the Gamecube version? The version doesn't matter. If they used her textures AT ALL, of which, THEY DID, the question is simply and solely