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  1. Technically that depends on region. Age of consent is 13 in Japan, but looked down upon. But Twitter being a US company you'd think they'd go for the whole 18+ thing. It would probably make the world a much better place. Social media in general needs to die. Or disagrees with their political views. Didn't all the "MAPs" (Minor attracted persons. Cute pen names make them seem less pedophilic.) go to twitter after being kicked off Instagram or something?
  2. It's a good thing it's an easily transferable skill to high level jobs like burger flippers. For people talking about how long he's been in the game, you vastly overestimate the amount of money they make. Especially if they don't win first place. Once you're pro level in real sports you're basically guaranteed real insurance and a high dollar paycheck. "Esports" only give you some, some money if you win, and I've heard of contracts that intend for you to pay the team manager fees if you lose.
  3. How is this possible? Good Guy Valve and Lord Gaben are physically incapable of doing shitty business practices. Ask anyone! No we don't have Stockholm syndrome!
  4. Whining? Hypocrite? Excuse me, but where was his source statistics? Bitch at him. Stating something is factually incorrect is not whining.
  5. I don't watch any of their stuff and I just can't understand why anybody gives the slightest of shits. Skip over the ad like a normal person.
  6. That's what you said. My mom killed time once and now she's a gamer right? I'm following your logic here. If you've ever interacted with a video game in any form, you're a gamer. Why would I post it? I'm not the one posting statistics, but every time these pop up it's always made clear that the vast majority of "gamer girls" are playing candy crush or angry birds.
  7. You didn't specify genres, just that it changed, and it doesn't defeat my point. My mom occasionally plays games on her phone, those stats would call her a gamer but she most certainly is not. This thread is literally titled "What does your girlfriend / wife think of your gaming set-up?" A setup is not a phone and at the very least indicates a console and a TV, with it being more poised towards "Gaming set-ups." Point invalidated. No, it does not. I've played chess before, I'm not a grand-master nor an aficionado. I've played a game. I've also watched a movie in my lifetime, I'm no
  8. If we're pulling out the Bill Cosby card that opens a slew of suggestions. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Accused The Kite Runner Precious A Clockwork Orange etc. Anyway, comedy movies. I like older ones better as they had more actual humor and wit. Mel Brooks has a lot of classics, Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Producers (The original) etc. Edgar Wright and the Cornetto Trilogy are pretty decent if you like British wit. The Marx Brothers films. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles National Lampoons Vacat
  9. False statistics. That 45% is largely candy crush and the like. Not exactly a dedicated game room nor elaborate setup. By that statistic, my mom is a gamer because she'll play bejeweled while waiting at the DMV.
  10. Agreed. Why are you using VGA? Use DVI minimum. If your monitor doesn't have DVI then it might be time to upgrade to something within the last 20 years.
  11. So then why wouldn't they just upgrade the games people already have instead of forcing them to buy a new one anyway? They're forcing people to pay for an update to a game they already own through buying an entirely different product.
  12. I'm confused by the problem. Why is launching Hitman 1 and 2 through 3 such a big deal? I'm willing to bet it's the exact same game just a different launcher.
  13. Why would I realize that? That makes it draw more than a normal computer at the time anyway. Beyond that, that's typically the max power, it's not running 100% all the time.