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  1. Sounds like an accessibility setting. Windows may have something built in, but unless you're doing it for a blind person you can get a keyboard that shows common hotkeys.
  2. You missed the part again where I explicitly said copying cartridges, not emulation itself. And license owners distributing their own licensed products is not in question. How are you supposed to make a legal copy? Do they expect everyone to buy a $60 blu-ray drive? Or maybe hack their PS3? Neither of which I'm frankly want to do. In this particular case the PS3 is my brother's but I don't think he cares if he ever gets it back.
  3. That didn't address what I said at all. And Wikipedia is not a good source for legal information. That being a said, a quick search isn't providing the information I need in favor of a bunch of crap about people asking if emulators are legal. Huh. I feel like I tried the PS3 controller, but the one I have I think is also completely dead now. Thought I read the PS3 controller still wouldn't use the analog face buttons. Might have to see if I can borrow a buddy's controller then, it'd be ace to play MGS3 on PC... though I guess the MGS collection pack I have on PS3 also has
  4. I only know it to do some hacks and widescreen/progressive patches. A lot of games require different settings in the video plugins and some need different audio settings. How did you play MGS3? Is there a plugin that does analog buttons? I've tried looking for one and only saw posts saying lily pad doesn't support it. Other games like GT I use my steering wheel for. Burnout I think technically has analog throttle but it really doesn't matter. For whatever reason Burnout 3 is really intensive, and you have to start the first race in software render otherwise the skybox d
  5. Not really. You'd have to rip the disc to an iso and then transfer that iso to another disc. May as well just use the iso. When? How? I'm using Spectabis to manage them and it 100% does not do that on it's own. Every game I have needs it's own settings and hacks, not to mention some games I have a custom controller mapping because in Burnout I don't like to hold a face button for throttle. Please explain to me how I can have PCSX2 automatically switch between these settings, because I've never seen it do it. If you didn't have to go in and mess with settings per game no one
  6. The thing to me is the OG Xbox did have some really good exclusives, but more importantly it was also way more powerful than the PS2 and GC, so aside from higher progressive scan resolution and digital video output, a bunch of games were otherwise graphically superior on the Xbox.
  7. Well I can rip PS2 games too, but it's cool to be able to just pop it in, and then it doesn't take hard drive space. Isn't that kind of pointless? PCSX2 is nowhere near as good as Dolphin. I've never had to fuck around with settings I don't understand and forget what do in Dolphin, just load it up and start the game. Every game in PCSX2 needs it's own settings and hacks.
  8. The main theme is SNAAAKE EEEEAATTEEERRRRRRR! sssnaake eeeeatterrrrrrrrrr.
  9. PCSX2 you can actually drop the game disc in your disc drive and play it directly, pretty cool. Wish the other DVD based console emulators let you do that, like Dolphin. Completely false. The emulator sites 100% do not have the BIOS and tell you to get your own. You can pirate them, and in certain cases you can do it to get around region locks on certain games, but none of the emu sites are hosting them. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for OG Xbox emulation. Just want to play older games in progressive rather than interlaced like the PS2.
  10. Okay, but what if it turns out they're after the wrong guy? Like when SWAT busts into the bedroom of an old married couple instead of the drug den across the street? It happens frequently. https://reason.com/2015/08/03/swat-team-liable-for-wrong-house-flash-b/
  11. I've been watching videos in 480 for a few years at this point to save on bandwidth and... no. It's possible if it's only available in 480 it's an older video and just was done poorly to begin with. Taking a clean 480 video feed looks pretty good, and honestly sometimes I'm unsure if it's switched itself to 720 or 1080 sometimes.
  12. The motors are quite large, it's hard to do subtlety with them. I like the trigger rumbles in the Xbox controller and can occasionally provide information. The PS5 controller has transducers so it can be more detailed and subtle... but it's still pretty much the same. He's promised a lot of things and said a lot of stuff that never happened and weren't ever true. The entirety of Tesla and all of his promises made about it are a complete joke. Not necessarily "tech" related, but I've heard a lot of people say that PC games aren't poorly optimized because they have gra
  13. On a serious response, the only valid things to do with XP machines is run very old specialty programs that you still need, actively mess around with virus coding, or use it for retro games with a fancy sound card and Creative Alchemy. Outside those 3 things it's pretty much useless. You don't even want to think about connecting it to the internet, and most newer programs don't support 32 bit anymore. That's also assuming it was a higher end XP machine. If it was a lower end one, it's useless. If you don't want to throw it away, then congratulations, you now have something to mount on you