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  1. I'm betting stainless steel. Has a better color match, and your average Joe can weld stainless better than aluminum sheets. Though on the flipside, it would make it a lot heavier to move around. The most interesting thing is them saying it was drove into the ground. That takes some work. Kind of reminds me of people sending in reports of a spacecraft between Tucson and Phoenix. Turns out some artist painted a cement mixer and put it on the side of a highway on some farmers land. He got permission though. That's not a mirror veneer, and it looks like unidirectional br
  2. Which is theory. Now a Danish study shows that masks have a negligible impact, being debated by All Facts as not showing transmission, which logically makes no sense. Lockdowns forcing people to stay home wasn't effective, so why would wearing a mask work when no ones in contact anyway? And then in New Mexico they're shutting down grocery stores because some of the employees had it, so people can't buy food and are forced into a single store. Stop the spread by congregating people in a small area.
  3. I dunno, SeaOrg is pretty secretive. They own entire cities and counties. That being said, "disinformation campaigns" are rarely anything but, and it's always good to have multiple opposing sources and find the truth between the biased bullshit. Okay, but who construes what is "truth, not science?" I mean sure, we could (mostly) all reasonably agree that the Earth isn't flat, yet at the same time, they're not a terrorist organization and aren't planning shady shit, so who really cares? It's hard to know what the forum constitutes as "politics," but consider
  4. There's a mod... group? Team? Community? Anyway there's something called Assetto Corsa Content Manager that acts as the new front end interface launcher for the game and is now required for a bunch of mods. There's a lot of texture packs, and one of the biggest ones is a new shader system that allows for dynamic lighting, day/night cycles, etc. Recently I saw something that simulated bounce lighting. I'm impressed, but mostly because the base game engine is a piece of shit. The dev team said it was impossible to have more than one light source (the sun) and thus no night racing. Th
  5. For the most part the MP is okay. It still has too many COD elements, bad design choices, and bad audio, but Forge was always fun.
  6. I just played the Halo 4 campaign with some random people online. It's absolutely horrible. Like, not even just is it a bad Halo game, it's just not a very good game period. It takes itself way too serious and the story is ludicrous. Also the audio is absolutely terrible. A lot of very irritating sounds, music that sounds generic and like Star Wars, completely changed the sound of anything already established... They really tried to copy COD with it, especially in the MP. The MP actually functions though, so I guess it's a trade off.
  7. Right? Can you believe MK actually makes all the women not wear bikinis now because "It's unrealistic battle attire?" What the actual hell are they thinking? This is a series known for bikinis and literally ripping people spines out. What realism are we looking for here?
  8. Store bags are terrible trash bags, and everyone knows it, including you. Using only 3 gallon trash cans would be a lesson in irritation and futility.

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    2. JZStudios


      Invites people over "for dinner."

      If no soul ever in the history of man has gone to your illegal dumping site, why is there stuff there from other people? And how does it not bother you that you're living next to a landfill destroying the presumed reason you live in that area? If you wanted to live next to a landfill and disgust why not move to NYC?

    3. Paul Rudd

      Paul Rudd


      @JZStudios why is there stuff there from other people? And how does it not bother you that you're living next to a landfill destroying the presumed reason you live in that area? If you wanted to live next to a landfill and disgust why not move to NYC?

      I know these people very well. I'm referring to strangers. It doesn't bother me one bit because it's not a landfill, it's just a few pieces of trash. And I don't live directly beside it, I told you, I walk a good 8th of a mile to where I place it.

    4. JZStudios


      An 8th of a mile is a few hundred feet.

      Whatever, this is going nowhere. Enjoy your landfill.

  9. Why would... why would people not buy garbage bags? What else do you put garbage in?
  10. Trying to upload a 5.1 .flac file, which YT says it supports, it claims it can't process the video. Might be because it's not actually a video and just audio? I've turned it into a video file through the DAW and it plays back in multichannel through VLC and uploaded it. Both of these are natively multichannel. 100% neither works on Opera nor Firefox. And it 100% doesn't work on PS4. I even went to the Dolby channel and tried their Amaze Atmos video and it's stereo only. I'm going to go ahead and say it's a bust.
  11. I can upload some 5.1 tests I have and some music I poorly mixed and try it, but it 100% doesn't work on PC browsers. I saw a claim that it works on Chrome, but I'm using Opera, a Chromium, and Firefox and neither does it. If it don't do it on PS4 I'm calling it as a no, since there's no reason it wouldn't work on PS4 if it works at all.
  12. It used to be a free flash game on Newgrounds n such. I'm not paying a dime for it.
  13. Yeah, I don't think Nintendo has a leg on this. The only reason the guy has to bow down is because Nintendo has money. He's not pirating it, just making it capable of online play. People did the same thing with MGO in MGS3 on modded PS2s. Emulators are legal, people own the games, they're just playing online. Nintendo just being assholes again.
  14. From every time I've looked into it from YT themselves, no, they absolutely do not. They only do stereo. They might downmix a surround stream, but they don't play back at that. Upon further review, this argument goes back a few years and no one really seems to know. Some say it works, others say no, some say only certain apps, others say those apps don't work. I can no longer find anything from YT themselves talking about it, which every other streaming provider discloses. For example Hulu recently(ish) started streaming 5.1 on select titles. They made an announcement about it. I hav