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White Goo in PSU?

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So i made a post about a week ago where my gpu started acting weird. (That Post)
I got a refund yesterday but i got some tips saying it might be the PSU that broke my gpu and i should not start the system  untill i checked it.


Today when i started taking it all apart and clean it i noticed something weird that looked like white smelted plastic on the coils of the PSU
What the s**t is this? has anyone seen something like this in a psu before?
Something that looks like a heatsink also looks very bent for some reason.

Talk to me fam. What is this?






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that is either epoxy or silicone to either insulate or retain/separate components from one another.

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I'm not sure if this is precisely what you're seeing, but there is a type of glue (I guess?) that is often used in PSUs that can look alarmingly awful if you don't know that it's totally supposed to be there.



Some shots of it visible here inside of a Corsair AX1500i.

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As stated, it is a silicone adhesive.  sometimes epoxy is used.  It is meant to keep the components seated and isolated.  It's placed due to the very reason the heatsink is leaning.  Even though many parts on the units can be machine manufactured and placed, there is a good portion of it that MUST be done by hand.  After assembled, the box must be closed by hand and the cables press against components.  They lightly bend and move.  This is what causes the heatsink to look "off" or leaning.  Because of this movement, there is potential that material might move or touch.  Exposed metal areas around the capacitors are covered with silicone to prevent touching or arcing of electricity and frying out your PSU.  Lower cost PSUs tend to look worse than the ones where you pay a lot of money, however, even in high end expensive PSUs, they still use the same technique, although they may take more care in making it look nicer or cleaner.

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It's supposed to be there.

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