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  1. Could you tell whoever is in charge of fixing site issues to fix their shit? So annoying.


    Every time I click on the link, it just ends up in an endless loop. I don't understand how such a successful company has such basic issues. That's pretty sad. 


    1. BestPCBuilder2017


      Trying to submit a tech ticket and the place for submitting the tech tickets is this? Do they really not see the issue here? 

  2. That's unfortunate the KB does not have warranty? We can probably try a soft reset and see if it will bring those LEDs back to life - Ensure the BIOS switch is in the (1) position - Unplug the keyboard - Hold ESC, and insert the USB with the keyboard logo into a USB 3.0 port - Release ESC after 5 sec
  3. This is exactly how I would address this situation. @Hakosaki Also, make sure to plug in the fans to the hub in order. The fan hub has labels on each port, use port 1,2, and 3.
  4. Sounds like bad fan hub, sorry about that. Yes, contact our support and I am sure they'll get you sorted out in no time. If you run into any issues with replacement/exchange, let me know.
  5. Like what quan said, that sounds like a faulty unit. RMx has zero rpm mode, so there's no reason why the fan would turn on under minimum load, and not to mention, the ramping up and down. If you are still within your store's return policy, I would definitely have it exchanged. If you're not, I'd submit an RMA request and get the unit replaced via Corsair warranty.
  6. In the Corsair Utility Engine, when in the Settings tab and under Device then User Manual, it redirects to your site's downloads page but on that page, it doesn't list or contain the manual. Please fix this. 


    Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to reset the device's memory to default or as it came originally. Is there a way this option could be added in an update or something of the sort? 

  7. Sorry to hear that, that's very unfortunate to have 3 coolers to fail on you within the 3 year period. That's really rare. Send me your last ticket # and I'll make sure that we take care of that for you.
  8. @For Science! Your other post above was actually ideal for most set up. Many of us here use that same logic including myself. Have the fans react to the coolant's temp as oppose to the core temp. That way the rad fan's curve will have a smoother transition when ramping up or going down. I don't think any of us here want our fans to have a frantic behavior when your system is in use. In terms of having the fans on the mobo, that's really totally up to the user. There's a number of applications out there that you can use to control the fans via mobo fan header.
  9. Any plans for cases with rotated motherboard to 90 degrees? 

    1. Corsair Joseph

      Corsair Joseph

      Like the SS Raven series? 

    2. BestPCBuilder2017


      Do you have a link in particular? 

    3. BestPCBuilder2017


      Oh wait I think I got it. It's 4 of them, right? 


      I didn't like those designs. 

  10. I have a feeling that CX is the previous gen.
  11. Not the biggest fan of that either, that's why we've got that part sorted out with our Air740
  12. I am pretty confident that our type 3/4 cables are thinner than our type 2. So if you have type 2 cable, go for the 2.85mm
  13. Yes, try a different app and see if it will make a difference. You could also check the sampling rate in recording device properties, make sure you have 1channel 16bit, 44100hz