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  1. You can try performing a soft reset on the mouse by going through the following steps: Unplug the mouse Hold the Left and Right Mouse Buttons While holding the buttons, plug the USB back in Release the mouse buttons after 5 sec If this doesn't correct the mouse, you'll need to reach out to support for a hard reset and the files to perform it. You can submit a ticket through the portal below and one of the agents can provide you with the files and steps: https://support.corsair.com/
  2. No updates right now on changes being made to allow per-key lighting over wireless. The impact to wireless performance is one of reasons it's not available as mentioned above.
  3. Couple questions, which model H100i AIO pump do you have? And are the ML Pro fans you mentioned the ones included with the pump? For all of our fans, the lighting won't match if they are mixed and matched on the same hub with different versions because the LED counts are different. For example: LL120 with ML120, or SP120 Pro with LL120. If you plan to run different RGB fans in the same system, you will usually need a second RGB controller to plug the second model of fans into. If you have an AIO that supports RGB fans (Elite Capellix or Platinum Series), y
  4. Definitely need to get that unit replaced. If the unit is within the retailer exchange period you can go through them, or directly through CORSAIR. Just create a ticket through our support portal below, and one of our Technical Support reps will be able to take care of you. https://support.corsair.com/ Let me know if you run into any issues.
  5. The only other keyboard that will fit is a wired version of the K63, but it won't have the locking clips to hold it in place. When I first started using this setup, I had the same thing happen, but got in the habit of balancing the board or setting the mouse down separate.
  6. You're correct, the fans included with the Elite Capellix coolers (and most of our others) are different from the retail versions. We spec the included fans accordingly for being installed on a radiator depending on which model of AIO. You can match up your fan speeds using the iCUE software and creating a custom curve with the Fan RPM option.
  7. This will work also. You just need to make sure your motherboard has 2 USB 2.0 headers available. You'll connect both the Commander Core and Lighting Node Core to both ports. The fan speed will need to be controlled by one of the PWM headers on the motherboard.
  8. can you see my most recent post cause idk if it will work

  9. Do the fan speeds set correctly if you set a fixed RPM? Do you experience similar behavior using the default quiet profile?
  10. Ironclaw Wireless would work great too. A lot of people with larger hand profiles really like the shape based on my interactions with them at conventions. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. As of right now I don't believe you can change the order by device, only the fans on that specific channel. Ie. 6 fans on Commander channel 1, you can change the order for that channel. Don't think you can change the order by device, make one device light before the other manually, it is done automatically by how it is detected when iCUE initiates the devices for the first time. Ie. If you want Commander Core detected first before Lighting Node Core, it has to be plugged in and detected by iCUE first before Lighting Node Core. This is something that came up with elaborate systems like 1000
  12. Agreed, there are quite a few wires involved depending on how elaborate your setup is. The newer Commander design was much easier for me when assembling and cable managing the photography builds for our website this time around. Definitely a step in the right direction to minimizing the footprint of the ecosystem when building.
  13. This setup will not work with the cable you linked. The connectors are different (meant for 12v aRGB header) and Commander Core can only support up to 6 LED fans. There is currently no way to add an RGB splitter with how our ecosystem is designed. Best solution for more than 6 fans would be to purchase a Lighting Node Core. If you're planning to upgrade to QL fans like the image you provided, the triple pack comes with a Lighting Node Core, so you won't have to purchase it separately.
  14. Correct, there is a tachometer cable that connects to the motherboard CPU_FAN header so it doesn't throw an error on boot. I also included our official installation video for reference below:
  15. hey I actually wanted to add one more fan so I made a new post with a new diagram can you please tell me if it works