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  1. I'll pass the feedback along to our engineers to review. If you need a replacement filter, we can have a replacement sent out. You will just need to submit a ticket on our support site: https://support.corsair.com/
  2. Try resetting the keyboard with the following method: Unplug your keyboard. Hold down the FN and F4 keys and plug your keyboard back into your computer. Release the FN and F4 keys after 10 seconds. The keyboard should flash at this point. Open iCUE and update the firmware of your keyboard. Ignore any incompatibility warnings that pop up. If this doesn't work, you'll need to have the keyboard replaced through our RMA team. You can PM me your ticket number and I'll follow up with them if they haven't already responded to you.
  3. Responded to your PM, and we should be able to get this sorted out. After I get your response, I'll reach out to the senior members on our Support Team to get more details.
  4. I personally haven't built a 1000D, but those optimal configurations are the best basis to go off of along with our Hydro X Custom Cooling Configurator. It's going to heavily depend on which components you go with as different brands and thicknesses will play a big part in making it all work together. The configurator below will take some of the guess work out: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/custom-cooling-configurator/ In terms of cooling capacity, it's the largest case and has the most radiator support that we offer. Basically a huge blank slate for anyone that want
  5. Hi @Oblivion_Creature just responded to your PM. Go ahead and send me the information I requested, then I can reach out to support to help out with the replacement.
  6. Yup, we had about a 12 year gap where we didn't make them, but we're back at it. We currently have the one model, CORSAIR A500, which launched at CES earlier this year. It's compatible with all the latest sockets except TR4 and sTRX4.
  7. AIO coolers are not bad by any means, and make up the majority of our CPU cooling line currently. Is there a potential for a leak? Yes, but it is extremely rare in comparison to how many units are manufactured and sold. All of our coolers come with a 5-Year warranty, and should a leak occur, we have policies in place to take care of the customer. Let me know if you have any questions about a specific model.
  8. Not entirely true about the pump depending on which CORSAIR cooler model the OP is looking at from our lineup. Correct, we now support ASUS motherboard lighting control through CORSAIR iCUE. Newer/current motherboards that support ArmoryCrate/Aura Sync should be all be supported in iCUE. Older boards, it becomes a case by case. List of older motherboards supported: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=37222&d=1578350809
  9. Like others mentioned, very case by case basis, and what your habits are. If you think it's one of those "too good of a deal to pass up" then it might not be a bad idea, but that's subjective to you. You can gauge your memory usage in Task Manager for Windows to see how much you're using when you're doing your daily routine for work. To give context, I have to use at least 32GB for my work PC since I have a ton of browser tabs, reports, and apps open all at once. Personal PC, I run 16GB (ITX Build) since it really only gets used for gaming and web surfing.
  10. Hi I have a strange issue on my corsair h115i when i boot up I have a connect and disconnect usb sound. 


    I have a Tomahawk z390 and have tried to change the USB port on the Mobo and changed the Sata power cable. The USB driver becomes unknown by windows and i have to delete it and refresh. Sometimes the USB driver comes right but what happens it adds an itteration in Icue i am on (8) now. 


    What troubles me is i am overclocking and it seems to default to standard config which may cause me cooling issues. 


    I fw 1.01.22 and sw 3.33.246


    Please help the unit is new and i am going nuts because i am worried about my i7 8700k burning out. image.thumb.png.262bc8f00ae93a4f25be1959ae1ed402.png

  11. Thank you for the update. If anything else comes up, feel free to let me know.
  12. @TechnicGeek - I would try the suggestions @Ankerson recommended by switching the 4pin connection for the EPS cable. When you sent your motherboard in for testing, did you send the CPU with it? It's possible you have a short somewhere as well. Are you performing all these tests in your case?
  13. @Randy R can you PM me your ticket number, and I'll escalate it within the Technical Support team?
  14. Great to hear you were able to get taken care of in the end. I'm passing this along to our support team as they were the ones who made a positive difference for you and deserve the credit. Thank you again for sharing your experience.
  15. I checked with my teammate in the EU and it looks like mid-October availability for your region. Not sure what your timeline is for the build, but pre-order will get you in the queue. It should also be available at our retail partners around the same time. No problem about the link, happy to help and make sure you get the right product you need.