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  1. yeah, kinda sucks. oh well wears out it wears out. i'll just buy a new one. when i'm CB20 Benchmarking, it's not hitting over 93A 4.2 All core 1.25v and VRM temps are pretty good at about 60c so there must be a halfway decent airflow across the fins. There is no workload I perform that would stress it to the point that P95 does (beside P95, what would?) so I think it's fine.
  2. @Jurrunio I dropped a 3900x into my Asus X370-Pro and it is running just fine, however I'm a tad concerned that since it's in the "C Tier" (125A) that if a guy were to modify TDC & EDC to 230 in PBO that i may end up popping some MosFETs. CB20 tops out at 103A so I think i'm fine there, but i hit it with a SmallFFT P95 and it spiked to 139A. now i realize P95 is an absolute worst case senario for a CPU, and likely it would never EVER see that sort of workload (I use this machine to transcode videos) but if i were to consider overclocking and I was approaching those current values (125A) wo
  3. https://waow.com/2020/04/12/milwaukee-election-officials-zoom-meeting-briefly-hacked/?fbclid=IwAR0SyuEPdV4rQ34XQQEqwGYRzU4PQFF6ktGmt-1-PmXxy_PdtOvhmZ09nvI local news story about a Zoom hacking effecting a Milwaukee Election meeting.
  4. I never figured it out, and abandoned the endeavor.
  5. Corsair will send one to you for free. That's how I got mine.
  6. eyeah, that's not the AM4 mount. The one I have from Corsair for my h115i has two holes in it, one for AM3 one for AM4. The holes that are marred are the AM4 holes.
  7. just putting it out there, wasn't correcting you or anything.
  8. See that asterisk? Usually means there's a caveat to the argument that the author concedes on, but doesn't want to get into because of various reasons, this one being that it delves unnecessarily into a discussion not appropriate for the topic. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.
  9. nope. Not much you can do unless you can somehow wedge a small fan back there and get the air moving around a bit in the back.
  10. That'd be a 7700k at the very top end, Kaby Lake.
  11. same. One guy wants to see jollies with lolis and another is talkin about his downgrade*. gotta say, i'm a bit confused. happens sometimes, every now and again, but i think i got this one right. OT: Started watching We Never Learn. Kinda dumb in a stupid way. the best kind some might say. SAO is getting dragged out. that's a bummer. liked that show. Still haven't finished Ancient Magnus' Bride yet. Keep getting clips in my YT feed. seems i'm missing out. That and the Fruits Basket remake. Same deal. i remember the OG, and that was good. Like the art better in this one. story is sli
  12. a plastic bag zip tied to string and a strong vacuum usually makes really quick work of conduit pulling.
  13. what wifi did you try? Nanostation on a parabolic? I mean how long of a distance are you talking about here?
  14. Patlabor Wicked XIII comes to mind. I try to stay away from thrillers and what not, i enjoy the phychological thrillers that really make you think, and when this one made me think, it did not sit well with me. Straight up tear jerking feel-it-my-legs sob fest? Gotta be Violet Evergarden. Absolutely heart rending. What do the two have in common: Deeply rooted phyche shattering personal grief.
  15. i donno, you asked what you could put there. High speed low power storage seems like a good idea.
  16. for the minimal effort involved, i'd say no.
  17. well the fan does move back and forth naturally. I haven't come across any fan, old or new, that doesn't.
  18. should be able to use any 120mm fan you choose as the mounting brackets simply attach to the fan with screws and then clips onto the tower. There are supposed to be pads on that bracket, you might want to ensure that they have not slipped and is making inadvertent contact with the fan blades.
  19. The connector goes both ways. if it detects a SATA drive, it will use the sata bus. if it detects a NVMe drive, it will directly use the PCIe bus.
  20. wrapping your head around TDP is a loosing battle. They are made up numbers based on made up numbers.
  21. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-5000-14-Quad-Core-Bluetooth/dp/B07XR8C2YR/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=ryzen+3500u+laptop&qid=1574466222&s=electronics&sr=1-5 oh, <$400. ee... well https://www.amazon.com/s?k=ryzen+3500u+laptop&i=electronics&rh=p_36%3A30000-40000&qid=1574466222&rnid=386442011&ref=sr_nr_p_36_4 use a powersearch when possible.