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On 9/4/2016 at 2:51 PM, nicklmg said:




Y'all are bae. That's why we've partnered up with Razer to give away one NEW Razer Blade 14, and one NEW Razer Blade Stealth (full specs listed in the announcement video), with a custom graphic designed by our very own Edzel Yago :) .




1. One entry per user. Duplicate posts and posts from duplicate accounts will be deleted before a winner is drawn, to leave one post per person.


2. Winners will have 72 hours to respond. If a winner does not respond within that time, a new winner will be drawn.


3. This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions. Shipping costs will be covered by the shipper, but any duties/taxes/other fees upon delivery will be the sole responsibility of the winner.



Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, OMG THIS IS AWESOME HOW DO I WIN ONE???:


1. Comment below letting us know which Razer laptop you would prefer to win. Feel free to make it fun - what would you use it for? Why do you prefer the Blade or the Blade Stealth?


2. This is not a REQUIREMENT for entry, but you should definitely follow Razer on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube page. In addition to providing the laptops for this awesome giveaway AND sponsoring our trip to PAX, they work with a plethora of other incredible creators in a number of spaces, and release cool content with some of them on a fairly regular basis. Please support them on social media and Tweet at them thanking them for this giveaway!!

3. Check back in one week. Entries for this giveaway will close on Monday, September 12, and winners will be chosen soon after. Winners will be messaged by me here on the forum. Do not accept any other form of communication as legitimate, and do not share personal information with anyone who asks for it unless you can confirm that they are a legitimate source.


That's it!! If I've missed anything, feel free to let me know.



Please don't report posts in this topic - all duplicates will be handled before drawing, so if you have double posted, don't worry about it.

 i want to win the razer blade 14 because my current paper weight doesnt have that much gaming power in it.

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The Razer blade as im starting a degree in Computing and information technology and that blade would help allot on the course plus the computer systems at the uni arent all that great.

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Hi guys! honestly i am so happy you guys have made it to where you are. from watching your videos i have decided that i want to go into computer science and basically do that stuff for my career. Learning all the good crap i need in order to build my very own pc, from start to finish. you guys totally deserve to be as big as you are and im so proud and happy for you. 


aside from all that though, i would absolutely love to receive the razer blade stealth. the 4k resolution and all the other packed in goodies would be absolutely amazing, as well as super convenient as i am in college. it would also feel so great to pull that thing out of my back pack in the middle of class and everyone turn heads in awe of my marvelous brand new laptop. 


even if i don't win i am so happy for you guys! thanks for all you do and i hope you continue to be as successful as you are.


ps. if i'm selected to win the other laptop don't feel bad that i didn't specifically say i wanted it, ill totally take it.

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I want the new razer blade, I  will use it for editing, gaming and college.. I like because its thin and i can carry it on my back pack THIS AWESOME!

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Oh hey... Just a random guy here....

Just to be honest the Razer Blade 14",

the "New" Razer Blade is better tho... 

Anyways, gaming on it or watching porn on it would be awesome...

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Congrats on the 3 Million subscribers!   If I win this cool giveaway, I would definitely pick the Razer Blade 14 so I can play on the go!

Thanks for the chance to win awesome prizes!

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I would love to get my hands on the " NEW Razer Blade 14", This would be perfect for me as a student with love for gaming, this way I won't have to wait 5 minutes for my current laptop to start and hopefully get more than 15 fps... 

Thank you LTT Team (and ChannelSuperFun) for all your great videos and work, they've really helped me make informed decisions regarding hardware and software purchases. 

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I would like to win the  NEW Razer Blade 14 as I want to replicate Linus's Wet Laptop Recovery with a Razer Laptop to test its "waterproofness".

Project Millenium:     CPU- i7 6700k  Cooler- Corsair H100i  Motherboard- Asus Z170 Deluxe  RAM- Corsair Dominator 3200 (8x2)  Storage- 120gb Samsung 850 Evo+ 3TB WD Blue  GPU- Asus ROG STRIX GTX1070  Case- NZXT Noctis 450  PSU- Corsair RM850i  Keyboard- Corsair K70 RGB  Mouse- Logitech G500S  Headphones- Klipsch Reference One  Monitor- Samsung CF398


Toaster Rig (Repurposed):   CPU- A8-6600k  Cooler- Corsair H100i  Motherboard- MSI A78-E35  RAM- G.Skill Ripjaws (4x2)  Storage- 1TB WD Black  GPU- Sapphire R7 265  Case- Corsair Carbide SPEC-01  PSU- Corsair TX750M  Keyboard- Logitech G105  Mouse- E-Blue Mazer  Headphones- Tritton Kunai  Monitor- ASUS VX238H

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I choose the new Razer Blade rather than the razer blade stealth because how I can find & use the razer blade stealth if It's already in stealth mode xD
Just kidding. 

My main reason is to replace my old toshiba laptop for programming & entertainment purpose

If I get the new Razer Blade, I will make sure it will not activate the stealth mode :D

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I really would like to win the New Razer Blade because I’m a student and I have to move but not just for school but also I have to move from my mother house and my father house, and I would use it mostly for gaming (because now I’m using a very old MacBook that can run just some not so demanding games such as CS:GO and often it doesn't reach 30 fps either), but not just for that because I really enjoy making art, 3d modeling and make some mini shorts using software as adobe premiere and source film maker but everything is very very slow.

So that’s how I would use my Razer Blade and maybe even more because I will keep it for many years thanks to its power.

I realllly hope to win.

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My choice is the NEW Razer Blade Stealth, why? Because I don't have time to sit front of my computer anymore. I need laptop, good laptop. I don't game that much anymore, but I think that NEW Razer Blade Stealth would be killer laptop for Arch Linux, CAD and stuff like that.


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If I won this contest I would prefer the blade 14, certainly wouldn't turn down the stealth if that were offered to me though. 😀


The uses I would have for this would be for mainly school, EE major, so this would get used well if I win! 


Side note; The laptop it would be replacing would be a Compaq Presario from the late 2000's running Windows Vista, 32 bit flavor. 


Thanks for all you guys do, I love your videos!

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I would love to get the razer blade stealth,

first of all because I am from Germany and I can`t get it here

and second I am starting to study as an engineer where I have to design a lot of constructions with the razer blade stealth. ;)

I think the Razer Blade stealth would be perfect for this jop with his capabilities, power and size.

Thanks for giveaway, greetings

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