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  1. It looks like the AC LR has 50% longer range and is nearly the same price - I wish I had known about this comparison chart before ordering. Thanks, all!
  2. We renovated 70-80% of the house, including knocking out walls and replacing whatever they were with drywall but ironically the room the AP is located is one of the few where the original walls (probably plaster or some other material) still stand. I'm not in a position to run Ethernet/POE to another stretch of the house to add another AP, so I wonder if the use of this Unify AP is redundant... Lesson learned??
  3. This house was built in the 1940's, and the parts we didn't completely teardown are using probably an older form of drywall. Not super thick walls and not a ton of walls (it isn't a huge house). I picked up the Ubiquiti because I figured it would give better speeds and a bit better range... having 50-70% bars on a device isn't a problem to me, I guess I just expected better?
  4. I was wondering if anybody here has experience with Ubiquiti's AP's, specifically their Lite vs Pro models. I picked up an AC Lite thinking it would cover our 1,600 square foot house pretty effectively, but the general reception appears to be identical to the crappy wireless AP built into our AT&T U-Verse gateway. I'm not sure if the Lite models are more intended to have several deployed in a mesh network and I should have gotten a Pro, or perhaps I've simply configured it poorly? Otherwise it seems to work great, if that makes a difference.
  5. I'd go Razer Blade. I've found myself almost picking up a Blade, a few times actually, but the SSD cost kills me.
  6. In replacing my office setup, I'm going from an 860m to a desktop graphics card - much more powerful.
  7. We have come a looong way in projector technology in the past decade or two. I've seen a few projectors of this style (they may have been LG, not sure) in the past year or two, and they're always lovely. Such a cool idea and so out-of-the-way.
  8. Good (early) morning all, I am hoping I may run into a shoutcast/online radio vet or two in here - I'm looking to help a public radio veteran who has recently decided to switch mediums, setup a podcast and we're looking to switch up the traditional podcast format by offering a live stream of the show, while it's being recorded. There appear to be many options for "host your own radio station" by a few problems present themselves: we aren't looking for a station, but a single show, and it's of the talk radio variety, so scheduling pre-recorded songs and audio clips are wholly unnece
  9. It is a wildly common misconception that you need to "keep it in the AMD family to keep it within budget." Intel makes low-cost, high performance parts too. Stick with a Haswell (socket 1150) CPU and you'll be surprised at the price of a decent budget motherboard and processor.
  10. There's a reason Intel is working on reduced power consumption and lower voltages.
  11. Alright, last update (I hope!) Received and installed the replacement RAM kit, and now I'm back up to 32GB. I'm guessing the motherboard, when it died, jacked up some of the RAM with it. Now that both are replaced, everything seems in order.
  12. I don't expect 32GB to be free, but it should (and prevooudly, was) available for use by the OS, etc.
  13. What's confusing is that, when this first happened, the BIOS showed all 32GB, but after repeated restarts it now only shows 28GB. Memtest only recognized/addressed 28GB, too. Pins are pristine, as I'm on the replacement motherboard, although they've gotten so small over the years that if one was messed up (I visually checked, and they looked fine) it would probably wouldn't see it. CPU is clean as well.
  14. Alright - sometime today I'm going to try swapping sticks out. It's a tad obnoxious with the Noctua CPU cooler and a water cooled video card right next to it all, but I have enough airflow where I can run the system without CPU fans for 5 minutes at a time to test it out. I'm reaaaally hoping it's the RAM.
  15. What's odd is memtest only sees 28GB addressable RAM, which I assume is why it didn't through up any errors. Prior to all this, Windows showed the full 32GB. I wonder if this could be a processor problem, what with various controllers being moved to the CPU?