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Samsung Galaxy Gear - where to buy

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NCIX: http://bit.ly/GzBuk2

Amazon: http://geni.us/djVcl


Yeah I know the NCIX listing doesn't work, and Amazon's pre-order price is RIDICULOUS (MSRP is $300), but quite frankly I think most people will probably be buying them in bundles anyway. Samsung hinted that there might be some pretty great bundles.


My overall impressions (as a Pebble user) are pretty positive. The extra functionality is great versus something that feels more like "baby's first smartwatch", but battery life would be a major drawback to me, as would the bulky size. The size of the Pebble is perfect for me. Maybe a larger display would be nice, but by eating into some of the bezel area that could be easily remedied.


I think the conclusion of Brian Klug's review at Anandtech hit the nail on the head when he said "If we look at Samsung's history in nearly every market we've followed it (SoCs, SSDs, smartphones), the company has a tendency to show up early with the wrong solution, but iterate aggressively to the point where it ends up with a very good solution." (read the full article here)


I've said this quite a few times in the past, and it continues to be true. With that in mind, the Gear isn't nearly as abysmal of a "first attempt" as some other Samsung products have been, and if you wanted a smart watch, I wouldn't say "stay away". I'm just not going to say "You NEED to own this device".


I really need to see what Apple delivers with the iWatch before the direction in which this category is moving will be clear.


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They need better compatibility and battery life before something like this will take off.

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I am pretty frikin excited by this. I would consider myself a pretty power phone user (My htc one with cyanogenmod doesn't even last me a day :/, I miss my jailbroke iphone5 tbh) but the ease of reading notifications and poping my phone out to have my text or whatever already on screen (although cyanogenmod does this sorta, when proximity sensor is not longer  active, as in when you take it out of your pocket it will display your notification). Basically, cyanogenmod, with something like this built well, lets just say I would buy it, quickly! 


Also really want to see what apple comes out with, as I might be going back to iphone 6 when it drops as I do miss the iphone experience.

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I am thinking I would want the apple version because I would assume (because it's apple) that it would be made with a metal wrist band. I hate watches that are plastic or leather. It's a fashion accessory and I like to have a good looking watch and I'm not someone that likes to where a bright orange watch on my wrist. If apple makes a silver iWatch and for some reason it worked with other phones it would be my go to smart watch. But until Android get's something that doesn't look like it's made for hipsters or children I will wait before I even think about buying one of them, because that pebble looks very childish to wear sorry to say. And it looks like it's cheap. Not much added to it, very basic device with a screen and buttons, a phone with buttons doesn't look elegent either it looks like it's tacked on because it's cheaper to make even though it takes away from the design.


And $453 is way to much. I could buy a Note 3 for that price almost. Seems like it's a little over inflated because it's new.

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Are you going to be doing an overview of the Note 3? I saw you had it featured in your video :) Just wondering.

Great video, loved it as always.

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same here....what is the problem? 2.5k? there are 10,000 views already, is it just few of us that cant watch

It works for me.

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It works for me.

I have no idea, I tried it on different brower and cleaned up my cookie etc. and it didnt work on youtube...but just worked in this page...


however, it's laggy..like a 12FPS video..

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same here....what is the problem? 2.5k? there are 10,000 views already, is it just few of us that cant watch?

i tried it on mobile(720p screen) but obviously it i didn't see any differences. and tried on a completely different computer on a completely different network and still didnt work for me.

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How long is it going to take for the pricing on this type of gear to come down to a more mainstream price range? 100 - 150$

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