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  1. Sorry to barge in, but if I was to put in my two cents, While glass is harder by the Mohs scale of hardness, however there is a possibility for it to shatter, so either way, glass and plastic are both good. and with phones sizes, While I understand the concern with not being able to use the phone one handed, for me, I like to grip it with two hands. For me, it just feels natural. I will admit that phones are getting to big (7.1 inches) however, they aren't made for mainstream customers. they are made for a niche audience. I personally prefer around 6 inches, it's not too big, not too small. Th
  2. Tbh, I have nothing against IOS, I just prefer the customization of android. The thing that turns me away is the hardware. I don't like the notch, I like USB-C, and I really don't see any reason to buy an iPhone for me other than the optimization and the privacy, that's it. I would get the 2020 SE, if it wasn't for the battery. Also, I don't care what the popular trends are in American high schools.
  3. Yeah, I probably wait until the 10 III. also, unless I can find a decent smartphone running Linux or something, I have no choice but to go android because I don't feel like getting an iPhone. Motorola is technically an American company, they are just owned by Lenovo.
  4. Tbh, I will admit that while it is a smarter idea to go for the popular choices because of reliability and consistency, for me, based on specs and pricing, I don't like anything that they make. The closest is probably the Google Pixel 4a 5G or the LG Velvet (T-mobile version because I want to try mediatek's dimensity chips). Sony so far has been the company I want to go for because of their no notch displays, headphone Jack's, and the cinema Pro App. Also, the reasons why I don't want go for popular options is because, 1. I think Apple products are overrated and honestly not for me (former App
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I'm in the USA and I'm looking to spend around $400-$700 max. So far I've found the Sony Xperia 10 II, Sharp Aquos Zero 2, Nokia 9 Pureview, Sony xperia 1, and the Nokia 8.3 5G the most interesting for me. Also, I prefer smaller brands, only because I feel they should have a voice in a market mostly filled with iPhones, Galaxies, Huaweis and more from the bigger brands. Also. I just that kind of person who doesn't like to go for the popular option.
  6. So I've been looking for a while for a new phone (coming from Moto G7) and I found a few I like. However I have a thing for smaller brands like Sharp, Sony, HTC and Nokia. So if I can get some suggestions, that would be nice.
  7. I agree. but to think, 2020 would've been the year for windows phone with everyone stuck at home and on zoom calls or something. Something like continuum would've been perfect right now. sure, there was a lack of apps, but a lot of people could get around it and actually, might have been actually good for some people who are addicted to their phones.
  8. Tbh, I've wanted to get a windows phone because I don't care about social media, and I'm trying to stay away from Google so a windows phone would be excellent for me in 2020
  9. I'm just curious, I've found options like Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch, and Kai OS, but I was curious what other Options that are available, because I'm weird and I don't like to go for popular options.
  10. Yeah, it might be the adapter because I know the Xbox works.
  11. I'm using an adapter because the monitor only has dvi and VGA (it's an old monitor).
  12. So I'm trying to use my original Xbox with a Westinghouse LCM-15V5 but it keeps saying out of range. Is there a fix for this. I tried changing the refresh rate from 75hz to 60hz but that didn't do anything. I'll send a photo of the screen if it helps
  13. Yes I use edge and Bing. Is there a problem with that.
  14. I would take a picture, however, it happens really fast so I can't screenshot it.
  15. So sometimes, when I search something and click the link, I get these weird promos. Is this a virus or is this a Microsoft Bing thing?