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  1. TBH, Apple, Samsung, and Google don't have anything that interests me. I'm slightly cautious of Chinese brands for personal political reasons (plus the added hassle of importing and finding a global model). Also, I just have a thing for brands not well known in my region (USA), Such as Sony, Nokia, LG, Asus, etc. I don't really care about the latest and greatest SOC so a 855 works fine for me.
  2. I understand that these are two brands that aren't common for smartphones. I would go for the LG, if they didn't leave the smartphone market. I want to go for the Aquos, but I don't know how well they keep up with updates, (but also that small battery thou). Any recommendations?
  3. So I've been looking into getting a tablet and I would like the benefit of being able to plug a mice and keyboard. However In the specs sheets, they don't say USB-On-The-Go. is that label necessary to use usb devices on tablets? (I've been looking at the LG G Pad 5 10.1 and the Lenovo P11 pro because I like to go for smaller brands in certain markets). Also, when I look for tablets with USB on the go, only Huawei and two other tablets come up.
  4. I do have one. it doesn't work either. i might be a battery problem or its the charging cable.
  5. Ali_H.

    Uneven Audio TWS

    For some reason, my Surface earbuds seems to be giving uneven audio. the right side is slightly louder than the left. I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix it before I send it back for a replacement.
  6. I actually already play that game, not on my phone though. My phone is not to minimum specifications.
  7. So I've been looking for medieval fantasy games, but most of them I can't play on my phone since my phone is underpowered (Moto G7). my only other option are MMOs and most of them are repetitive and boring. Any good suggestions?
  8. So yes, I was one of those people who bought a Wii U ( and No, I didn't get it because of the ads). I've been wanting to play some games on it lately, however, the gamepad is no longer charging. I believe its just the port is the problem. If anyone has an advice on how to do it, that would be swell.
  9. So for some reason, when I plug in my cable to charge my phone, only one side works. I'm not sure if it is the phone or my cable. I've tried multiple cables. At one point, nothing worked. Then one cable works. Any ideas on what could be the problem?
  10. I'm into the medieval/fantasy genre and im want to play some games on my phone. The only one I could find that I found enjoyable is Genshin Impact. Any recommendations? Also, no games with auto functions please.
  11. Thanks for all the advice and recommendations. I would consider the Pocophone, if there wasn't any tension between Chinese brands and the US. other than that, I would consider it. I'm only considering the Sharp because the notch seems to be symmetrical to the chin. I might wait for the Xperia 10 III and the Zenfone is currently to expensive.
  12. preferably no more than $500, I might be willing to go $700, but that's pushing it. I would want no notch or hole punch, stereo speakers, NFC, good battery life, good camera with OIS, good enough specs for gaming at medium settings which the HTC phones have. Most of the solutions out right now don't really satisfy my needs. I would be ok with with a notch if the chin and the notch sizes were symmetrical (Nokia seems to be the only ones to do so). I've found 5 phones that seems to fit, however they are lacking somethings. There are the Sony Xperia 10 II, Sharp Aquos Zero 2, HTC U12+. Nokia 8.3
  13. So this was just a thought. My uncle has an HTC U11 and I thought of maybe getting one for myself, however HTC hasn't been seen in a while. If I was to get one. Which should I go for, HTC U12 Plus or U11+? Also, are there any icon packs of HTC's icons?
  14. OK, I would prefer a high color accuracy (srgb at minimum) and at most $1000