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  • Birthday Apr 19, 1978

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    Orange County,CA
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  • CPU
    3570K at 4.5
  • Motherboard
    Z77 Sabertooth
  • RAM
    8GB Vengeance at 2133mhz
  • GPU
    Two His IceQ X2 7950s in XFire
  • Case
    CM Storm Stryker
  • Storage
    1TB HD and 180GB Intel SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair AX850
  • Display(s)
    Qnix PLS 1440p Korean at 120hz
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    Cooler Master Tk with Blues
  • Mouse
    Left handed Death Adder
  • Sound
    Corsair SP2500s and G930 Wireless Headset

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  1. Bye Bye Bitches!

    1. Lays


      was a good run

    2. DoubleY


      inb4 ban lol

  2. Never invite the OneArmed guy!I will show up a play horrible again so you guys feel better about your skills..
  3. That Shimian doesn't OC so that makes sense to me..Ok if my Qnix has a 16ms input lag at 60hz then when i oc to 120hz it is a 8ms input lag or basically 1 frame to react.And i will never use a TN panel again..I will take better colors more pixels and a bigger screen for less money anyday..
  4. You want the Qnix as the Yamakasi Don't OC anymore cause they changed the PCB..Unless you buy a older Catleap with the old PCB still and those are in the $550 range..
  5. I am running 2 7950s on my Qnix OCed 1440p monitor and it is amazing..
  6. I agree with this..I bought a 27in Asus TN and a month later i bought a Korean 1440p.I sit to close to screen and i could see the pixels for sure..
  7. Same monitor i have running at 120hz since April..
  8. Find a cheap 7870 xt for Xfire..
  9. look at this Forum..Guys with no clue saying Korean monitors are crap because they read it on here..Yet i have NEVER talk to a Korean monitor owner that said his monitor was crap..It is only the uniformed that repeat this over and over.It is like the horrible AMD drivers thing lol.. All i can say is i know about 6 people on here that own a Korean and they love it..This forum has become about reading a review..I don't even speak unless i know what i am talking about cause i hate being proved wrong.Someone ask about a Korean monitor and there is 50 guys saying don't do it..Why are they sayin
  10. Great another guy who has never even seen a korean monitor yet alone a girl..But he jumps on bandwagon cause he hasn't learned to be a leader yet..Follow the herd bud haha
  11. Haha..He has actually tested all monitors he talk about..He also has all the proper tools.You have been proven wrong many times yet here you are trying to be professional..Like i said even if you saw 17ms input lag at 60hz it would half of that when running at 120hz..
  12. Maybe the multi input korean monitors have that lag lol..And remember when running at 120hz instead of 60hz the input lag is cut in half!But i am sure you monitor experts also knew that.. And how is it cheating you said IT CAN'T BE DONE..So mr Goodbytes i proved you wrong again.Do you know what the front porch and back porch are?
  13. It isnt the res that caps on Dual DVI its the MHZ..I can run 2560 1600 at 70hz if i reduce the LCD timing..But you know that right?Wow and people think you are a monitor expert?Everytime i argue over these monitors i prove you wrong..Last time you Argued the Viewsonic was a LG and not Samsung panel CAUSE IT SAID SO ON NEWEGG..Yet i proved you wrong again lol..It is ok i like schooling you bud! Sorry bud class is over.Go read some more and come back tomorrow and try and be a monitor expert