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  1. OLED also sucks with screen burn in lol.
  2. is anyone alive?

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    2. Mr.Meerkat


      Yep :) 

      However, hopefully I don't fall back into the dark pit once again sooooo... :P 

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    4. Techstorm970


      Why do you want to know?  Do you want to _ASSASSIN_ate me? 362.jpg.6bbf2dd56a61b56f3957a3130accf879.jpg

  3. you have to install them through the bootloader in fastboot mode. Then you can flash each image of the stock images to their respective partitions. For example, to flash the system.img, you would type into the console for fastboot "fastboot flash system system.img" However, I don't have any experience with the moto g and I know they have some different partitions and some weird files included so you might want to look up a guide on how to go fully stock Here's one I found. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2542219 for fastboot and adb as well (dump
  4. so why are you mad? This is a limited time frame thing.
  5. yeah, you set your primary monitor as a primary monitor in windows in the display settings.
  6. there are literally so many WW2 games. There's a reason they went out of style, they became as oversaturated as the modern warfare genre from 2008-2014. Also WW1 would be boring as hell if it was infantry, Airplanes I'd understand, but sitting in a trench ready to breath mustard gas which goes with the wind and kills a village a couple miles over seems pretty boring
  7. http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/wwdc/ from the looks of it, no
  8. or it could be that creating processes that are that damn small is difficult when you have to deal with electrical interference from circuits at that scale as well as heat dissipation. But yes I'd imagine since they have such a grip on the x86 market, they don't need to worry about that market segment. Intel is focusing on mobile processing heavily at the moment and will continue to do so.
  9. lmao I want to see how this pans out, these guys are literally children.
  10. since this is kernel level, google's monthly security patches will probably fix this up. BTW exploits that are in the kernel for a specific SoC don't "spread" to other SoC manufacturers
  11. Oh, sorry I misread, gsync won't work but the monitor will work without that functionality perfectly fine.
  12. Edzel is going to review this soon, but the Tournament Pro looks promising, so does the Scream One. http://www.finalmouse.com/
  13. That's why is kind of a waste to get a DAC for your phone, as they aren't guaranteed to be compatible with each other.
  14. half of the member titles that I saw were pretty cringe-y if it gave me any reaction reading them.
  15. They were really dumb IMO. They served no purpose and I have yet to find a member title that actually made me laugh.
  16. if you have a modern CPU, they are 64-bit. 64-bit operating systems are supposed to correspond with the chipset/CPU. Again if you are buying a new system, get a 64-bit OS. If this is for an older computer, you might need 32-bit.
  17. Mac mini's are only good for doing basic things, they throttle easily.
  18. "If you really want to stick it to Tim Cook.... who releases products that are Apple branded... go ahead and dislike" He literally asked people to