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Watched the Sky channel when I was young, Tom & Jerry was the tits!

REDLINECore i7 6700k 4.8ghz 1.37v.Noctua NH-u12s.MSI Z170A Gaming M7.16GB Kingston Hyper X Fury Black.MSI Gaming R9 390 8GB Crossfire + GTX 780 PhysX.Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD.Fractal Design Define R5 Midi Black.SeaSonic X Series 1050w Gold.Logitech G302 Deadalus Prime.Ducky DK2108 Zero Mech Cherry Blue.
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Have you ever thrown one? I never have :(


Was thinking of getting one just for the lulz because I have never tried it and I was curious to try it

Get one, if ya have fun yay if ya don't oh well give it to a friend.

CPU: some amd thing Motherboard: its black RAM: its memory thats for sure GPU: r7 260x Case: corsair spec 01 Storage: 1tb of it PSU: 430w, so many watts

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When I was maybe 13 I would make them out of paper.


It sounds really stupid, but they actually flew like actual boomerangs (indoors).


This is something like what I watched: (sorry this guy's voice is rip)

CPU: Intel i5-2400 Mobo: ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z RAM: 8GB G.Skill DDR3 1333MHz GPU: Sapphire R9 280x Tri-X Case Corsair Obsidian Series 350D PSU: EVGA 500w 80+ Certified

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Nope, I want to though! I have thrown real shuriken and it was a lot of fun, so I would expect boomerangs to be too. :lol:

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I purchased one from a souvenir stall when i went on a school trip to the Northern Territory, i found that the only way to get it to come back to me was to throw it at about 2 o'clock at about a 30 degree angle. Uluru is amazing, no photos can really describe how huge it is until you're actually there in person climbing it, probably the only interesting thing in the whole territory though :lol:  

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