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  1. Do you need said thing for importance? Just a hobby? Fashion accessory *cough* Iphone?
  2. I take it you don't see me outside of my own topics? The magnet works very well as intended... I attract my usual audience very well, go look for yourself sweetheart.
  3. You love me so much... Look how big this post is lol
  4. Everything that exists is comparable you just need the correct approach.
  5. First person to understand the topic and reply accordingly.This forum needs a reward system.
  6. Look at page 1. I attempted to make it understandable but miserable bastards are what they are. Yeah i type what i think, sorry for not being the same as everyone else. Diversity in a forum is not allowed. Anyway tweet for free shit.
  7. So i need to search everything i want to discuss? Why the hell does this forum get new topics o.0Genius.
  8. Truffles & wine.... Interesting mix that some humans actually enjoy. The cost of fuel has gone down in the UK.
  9. ???? Im happy lol i was just making things easier ti undetsyand to this forum.#######Tantrum Facebook that shit.
  10. Today we should all bash our heads on our desks! Tweet it once you have split your head open.
  11. Thanks for honesty, 98% in this thread cannot admit it
  12. People jump ship on shitpost or spam.Victim? Naa just able to to see things for what it is.
  13. SPECULATE.You know things are only insultung when they have a factor of truth. I'm done... You are the opitome of a sheep. Beta males everywhere.
  14. Fuck me it's like trying to teach sex ed to autistic 10 year olds on this forum. Basic fucking brain cell usage guys... Wow.