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    i5-4670k Haswell @ 4.2GHz
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    MSI Z87-G55
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    CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (Blue)
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    Windows 7 + Linux Mint | Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

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  1. My suggestions: America's Army: Proving Grounds Insurgency Black Squad (free version of CS:GO) Squad Arma 3 Battlefield 1 (or 4) Project Reality Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Ghost Recon's Wildlands Verdun Heros and Generals
  2. No, I currently do not, but I have some suggestions. When looking for jobs, be sure to research it very careful and if they have you sign documents, be very, very careful and keep documentation of what they ask of you, what they make you do, how they treat you etc etc. *CUT job suggestion avoids* Though it sounds like what you tried were short "get paid when you finish the task" things, which I would not call a "at home job". If you are looking for suggestions like that, there is a site called slicethepie that pays you per review and there is instagc, which is crazy good when you g
  3. It is like I said. The Mint one changes at whim, right now it just so happens to be Mint and before that it was Manjaro. I just like to switch around the OSes, it is fun for me. Ubuntu is my main driver for Linux though I have been thinking of ditching it as 16.04.2 is an utter mess.
  4. The problem with most language learning sites or software is that they do not teach you the language. They teach you to memorize phrases without telling you how it works. However, the best that I can think of is Duolingo, Omniglot, and Busuu. The best bet to learning a language online is to study and engage natives on forums, facebook, twitter etc etc. As for the culture bit...TV in that country is the best way unless you travel to that country. Others you can try is Youtube or specific-language sites like VK for Russia etc etc.
  5. I quad boot. Two Linux distributions (Ubuntu and Mint*) and two Windows (7 and 10). *Linux is commonly replaced with various flavors. I like to mess around with 'em.
  6. It doesn't seem to be free on Steam for me. I thought it was until the 24th?
  7. Nothing angers me more than seeing someone's opinions and beliefs censored or oppressed, even if they are stupid ones, so I'm listening to this song. Gives me hope.
  8. I recently bought a small set of literature and study books, various from Wheel of Time to Introductory books on Linguistics. I got them used, but they were in great condition! All for about $40, too.
  9. I'm confused. You posted a thread about politics and the beginning of revealing some conspiracy theories as being more than a crazy theory, but we're not supposed to talk about politics and conspiracy theories? So what is the point of this thread? How do you discuss something like this, which involves politics, without discussing it? It seems like at this point, this thread doesn't need to exist... And yes, wikileaks can be believed.
  10. It would be nice if they did a pre-order sale or something for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Still, $9 for Battlefront doesn't sound too bad (though I would not do it before I played a trial and that game is not as good as I remember during beta).
  11. I also played the beta for Wildlands. It looks really good, which is probably why I got so violently ill playing it. I played for maybe two hours the same day it was about to be removed though 'cause I was late to downloading (thanks internet).
  12. Ah man, I can't wait for the 1070 to drop a little more in price (though I may just cave). Then I get be rid of this 280 that doesn't even have Linux support anymore.