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    LTT's Resident Beggar
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    Maine, I'm cold
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    When life gives you lemons give them back, lemons are sour


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    some sort of amd thing
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    its blue i know that
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    8gb of it
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    Sapphire Radeon 260x
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    it holds it together
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    1tb wd black
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    dunno what this is
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    its a monitor
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    a fan
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    logitech g710+ #browns4lyfe
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    its a logitech
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    my headphones
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  1. I'm looking at the RTX 2070 for $400 and I'm so behind on all this RTX and Super nonsense I can't tell if thats reasonable or if I should look elsewhere
  2. I've done some digging to see what is good in this range and it seems line a toss up between the 1650 Super and the RX580, I'm wondering what you guys think I should go with
  3. My motherboard needs a star screwdriver to remove the cpu backplate but I don't own one, what can I do?
  4. It seems that whenever I open chrome my wifi connection completely stops working and refuses to load anything. It doesn't do this with chrome closed or with other browsers, does anyone know whats going on?
  5. What are some like necessary or fun VST plugins I can get for OBS Studio? I already have a really nice compressor one and I'm looking for a De-esser. Some fun ones like auto-tune or something like that would be nice. I just discovered VST plugins last night and they seem really exciting.
  6. Okay! I get it now, by suppressing the loud parts you're able to turn the audio up so the soft parts are still heard.
  7. Is there any piece of equipment that works to level out audio
  8. I'm looking for something that makes the loud stuff quiet and the quiet stuff louder and I've been told that is a compressor but I am very unsure which one to get. I have an AT2020 with a Behringer802 mixer, what is a good compressor that would go with that and where would i plug it in into my line?
  9. I'm involved in an event where we want to have 2 large TV displaying a group story of all the pictures people are taking during the event
  10. What is the best way I could display snapchat to a TV without using like a chromecast or apple TV? I'd ideally like someway to display it on a computer hooked to the TV but I want to avoid like blue stacks or anything like that
  11. I haven't found anywhere saying that it will not even from Elgato themselves so I'm wondering if anyone knows if it will happen and if it usually does, thanks
  12. I currently have a blue snowball and I've been looking to switch to an AT2020 with XLR. I am confused as to what I need to make that setup works. Some people say I need a pre-amp(whatever that is) and some people say I need a mixer. What do I need to the at2020 work? I want to not use any software for my audio.