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  1. Egg and lettuce, not sure if it's popular anywhere else but it's pretty common in Australia. It's like hardboiled eggs mashed up with some pepper mixed in with finely shredded lettuce.
  2. Ever thought about Australia? We have just about every type of landscape you could want and it really isn't that dangerous here so long as you don't ignore the no swimming signs lol
  3. I'm not misunderstanding, i'm just saying how i think things should be, this discussion asks what you unpopular opinion is and i gave mine, i'm not here to debate the legal framework that exists and its impact upon how i would prefer things to be.
  4. More or less but in the countries where it's legal, it's primarily for terminally ill people. I'm of the opinion that people shouldn't need to be on their deathbed to have made up their minds that they've had enough, it's their life and they should be able to end it legally and peacefully if that's what they want.
  5. There are people all around the world that endure horrific ends due to botched suicides, loved ones get potentially charged if they knew what was going to happen or tried to assist them, there are a lot of good reasons for having a system in place to allow people to start a process where they can make their case to a board of shrinks or w/e and end their lives peacefully and painlessly.
  6. You seem to have completely ignored the part where i said people would need to sit down with some shrinks or whatever to go through a process in order to ensure you've legit had enough and for good reason.
  7. I deliberately pointed out that they should have to speak to some shrinks to weed out people with short term/temporary issues but what do you mean "deserve to end your life", it's your fucking life, man..... you should be able to end it if you want to.
  8. I think that everyone should have the right to end their lives if they've had enough of it, of course they'd have to perhaps sit down with a few shrinks just to weed out the people that are temporarily upset over a breakup or whatever but generally speaking, if you can demonstrate that you've truly had enough and your situation probably isn't going to change or get better, why the hell should you be forced to stick around? And i'm not talking just terminally ill people either.
  9. Can confirm, i live completely off solar+battery so i'm always watching my consumption, i pull 200-250 watts with my PS5+32 inch 4k QLED TV.
  10. A way to monetize your followers and Trump's banned, he must be fuming lol
  11. Generally speaking i hate how litigious society has become but if nobody holds them to account, it just encourages others to make a heap of bullshit claims that they know they can't follow through on.
  12. I honestly thought this whole thing was just part of an overall strategy to try and force them into paying some taxes, they make a truckload of money from countries that they don't give a cent to
  13. This exactly, i'm tired of change for the sake of change. I'm using a bunch of Chrome extensions just to keep things how i like them and use the old versions of things lol
  14. Jesus Christ, and here i am being annoyed at Blizzard's treatment of the WoW franchise, i guess this shows how much worse things can get.
  15. This worked in the past but it doesn't anymore, you're stuck with AU Netflix which is sadly a tiny fraction of the US Netflix.