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Youtube on android tablet 4.2.2

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Posted · Original PosterOP


My sister recently bought a tablet for her little son (i know right?...) and since i am the only tech guy in the family they came to me with it asking why youtube won`t work.
But i don`t use mobile devices beside my phone.

So i did a research and was trying to get it to work with downloading all those apk`s with flash`s, dolphins, operas, and such and it still doesn`t work. And you know there`s $#!t tone of those guides how to install flash on your tablet but none of them work and as i`m stubborn guy usually do figure something out but i just can`t get this thing to work. So my last chance is to hit this forum cause i can`t think of any better place. 


Qick overview of what i`ve done. First i downloaded the app from google store but wouldn`t work. Then serached web and downloaded apk for flash 11.1 for android 4.x, opera mini and both dolphin and dolphin HD browsers. But just nothing work.


So am i missing something or is it really impossible to get this flash youtube working on 4.2.2 because i read those articles that adobe stopped suporting android i just don`t understand how i can have no problems on my bada2 phone (yeah i know i bought it years ago) but 4.2.2 tablet do. 


It`s a KIANO intelect 7 tablet with android 4.2.2. 


please help or kill me 


oh and sorry if i posted in wrong section. i think in good one, no?

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What do you mean the YouTube app won't work? Cause the best way to do it is on the app and not through YouTube's pretty crap browser interface

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youtube is mostly html5 now so...

app not working is just wierd.

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You shouldn't need flash. This isn't 2008 :P every youtube video ive encountered in the chrome browser on my mobile devices has worked without me needing flash. What error happens when you try watching a video in the app? 

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