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  1. Now I got one completely out of the blue, doing nothing on the GPU. almost exactly one hour inbetween. So annoying.
  2. I don't know if my issue is driver related or is my card dead, but I've tried a lot and got a lot of different results. I am on the new Fall Creators Update. I have a GTX 760 it's not overclocked and I keep getting driver crashes, when they crash the displays look like they get no signal (black and the light starts blinking). I can't revive it, but sound keeps going as if computer is still working. When I reboot I get "Display driver failed to start" from Windows. I've tried 5 different drivers going back and reinstalled Windows because I thought the creators update messed up. Nothing hel
  3. Buying a keyboard in EU be like




    seems fair

    1. Praesi


      UK isnt EU anymore. So pay the price;)

    2. ZetZet


      It still is EU genius ;)

  4. I'd rather it increased to 15 hours. Mbps were manageable size anyway. Now the Air is pointless. It weighs the same and still has a TN display.
  5. Battery decreased from 74.9 whr for 13 inch to 49.4 whr.
  6. It's not going to be 150 fps at 1080, but close yea http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Iris-Graphics-550.149937.0.html
  7. it runs really well on the older one, so it should run fine on the new one since they promised more performance.
  8. no way it runs at 150fps 1080p on integrated graphics. it might on the radeon, but I don't know how powerful that gpu is because it basically doesn't exist yet.
  9. It's pointless to play cs:go on anything other than low, looks the same, takes away fps.
  10. 2400*1,2=2880+import, normal price. By normal I mean it makes sense, it's absurd amount to pay though.
  11. Macbook pro, no sd reader, no hdmi, more price.
  12. Depends on what the cable is. For example for headphones braided cables work fine, they help the wire to stay less twisted and add durability For mice braided cable can be annoying because the cable can catch on the surface you're moving the mouse on.
  13. There is a difference, it's too small to care about. Just do whatever is cheaper.