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1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

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I found you guys when Google released the Top 1% tech youtubers. Once I checked your channel I immediately subscribed. Congratulations on 1,000,000 subscribers. 

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Thanks for the awesome content you put out all these years and for many years to come. Started watching about 2 years ago(Some video on a MSI P67 Motherboard I was thinking of buying) when I wanted to build my first gaming rig and haven't missed a video since then. 


Keep up the good work guys.


Much love!

Join the LinusTechTips Star Citizen Org :D ~ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UOLTT

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Thank you and your team for doing some amazing content. I would love  to see you go back and do some old shoolc unboxing to, that would be awesome!


And congratualtions on the 1 million subscribers!

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I found Linus tech tips about a year. My friend at that time was building a gaming rig and so he showed me one of your build guides and from that moment on i have watch Linus tech tips.

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Congratulations to LinusTechTips for making and building an awesome community. I remember watching you when you had only a few thousand subscribers. But, you didn't care, and continued to make videos. Now, you guys are at 1,000,000 subscribers. Congratulations! I think you guys are a massive inspiration to many, including me. I'm trying to make a Technology channel. And honestly, I wouldn't of started it if it weren't for people like you guys. You guys are the ones that made me love Technology. Before watching you guys, I had absolutely no idea what any of the parts in a computer were, or how to build one. After watching you guys, I have all my parts picked out on PCPicker and I'm ready to go. Seriously, you guys are just awesome and so inspirational! Don't stop making videos, it would break my heart if you did. Trying to keep this short, but I have so many great things to say about you guys. Thanks for making me, well, me.

When I wanted to start a youtube channel, I thought of you guys. And you guys made me think this. Each step you take toward a bigger goal might not seem like much. It may seem like you’re not really doing much at all. This will be especially true of any outside observers. Others might think you’re not getting anywhere, that you’re not getting anything done. That’s why you have to have a lot of confidence in where you’re going. You need to be clear about where you want to end up so that you have the conviction that the small steps you are taking will eventually get you to where you want to be, and you can squash any naysayers. Having small dreams and being afraid to fail is the antithesis of this advice, and it’s something many of us do, even though we may not want to admit it. The two go hand in hand, if you are too afraid of failing you’ll keep your dreams on a leash. But if you overcome that fear, and jump out there fully willing to completely fail, you free your mind to dream up new adventures and goals for your life. Failure comes with trying, and a life of not trying will not leave you satisfied, so it’s good to continually put yourself out there. Hope is the feeling that things will somehow get better, that they will somehow work out. You don’t even have to know how it will happen, but it’s the believe or even the wish that it will. That’s why it’s never a good idea to give up hope because you just don’t know how things will pan out. When going about your day it’s better to feel hopeful about the things you’re working on, or the task at hand. If you have hope, it’s quite possible that it can all turn out for the best.

I made a song for you guys!

Ohhh, LinusTechTips makes me happy

When I'm sad and feeling trappy (?)

Inspiration to many others

Adults, children, and my brothers

iPhones, Android, Windows, Linux

LinusTechTips are the critics

Building things or having some fun

To Linus making a really bad pun

LinusTechTips always should stay

so I hope I win this giveaway. :)

Reasons why I would like to win:

I am extremely inspired by you guys, and honestly I think I want the signature more than anything.

Can't really pay THAT much money for those kinds of things, so it's really awesome that you are doing this.

Why wouldn't I want to?

Surface Pro 3 is magnificent in portable laptops!

Asus G550 is one HECK of a laptop.

Gaming Rig built by Linus and shipped personally by Linus. Enough said? I think so.

One last thing: Crab is my favorite food.

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hey guys congrats on 1m even tho it should be more like 10m you guys deserve it i have being a sub for around 2 years i think i subed at 200,000 or 20,000 im not sure ive slept since then lol, and its being great to wake up every morning and see what i can learn next even if it is any of the 3 channels i even watch some of you cats vids (smart cat and kind of funny). i like all your vids not just too help you but its because i like then and i also have my account set up too share on twitter and facebook just too help you out a little more. but i dont think its just your subs that you have inspired i think you have inspired alot of youtubers too start there own channels. this channel has taught me everything i no today and i just want too say thanks and enjoy another 1m subs :) 

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Hey linus, just wanna say thank for the videos, a year ago i had zero idea about pc parts and how pc works, i even wanted to buy one which was a pre build one aline ware because i thought its the best but thanks god that ididnt waste my money not saying its bad but i could build better for cheaper that i learned from you tips and guides, thanks for you videos and wishes you the best your making a change to ppl at least me

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I came across LinusTechTips few months ago when I was looking for a Noctua cpu cooler review.

I was picking parts for my first build and saw that there were lots of helpful info on this channel.

Now I got a good idea of how to pick good, reliable parts thanks to you, Linus. 

That surface pro 3 would help me a lot while I go through the rest of the years at college.

Thank you for providing us the BEST tech channel on YouTube :)

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WOOT!  This is truly a big milestone, and I for one am a very proud nerd to be a part of it!


My absolute favorite thing about LTT is the fact that I can expect a almost consistent video experience.  I can come home from work everyday and see a video right there with my name written all over it.  When I get off work on Friday nights (yes I have to work through the live showing of the WAN show) I get to take a shower, grab a bite to eat, and INSTANTLY start watching that weeks WAN show.  Its how I start EVERY weekend.  And to be honest, the idea of NOT having a LTT now would probably DEVISTATE me as it is who I count on for entertainment and the news that I care about.  I just wanted to share a few milestones of my own with the LTT community:


I remember the first time I watched a LinusTechTips video and it was on the NCIX channel it was a "set up guide" for ATI eyefinity.  I watched a few more videos about ATI video cards (at the time I think it was the HD5000 series), and kinda called it quits for now.  It was early, but a good first impression.  Video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZAkCoaq384&list=UUXuqSBlHAE6Xw-yeJA0Tunw


The point I where I realized I HAD to subscribe to LTT (which was just NCIX at the time) was when he did a direct comparison between HDD and SSD.  My good friend at my then place of employment, Tristian, told me about the video and said I had to go check it out.  So I did and thought it was just amazing to have someone else test the waters for me!  Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lR0XoHFU6Y


Also, I remember the first major purchase from a video Linus did was the Acer Icona Tab W500.  I bought was as a Christmas gift for my folks and its STILL in use today.  (PS it never started with Windows 7 on it, from day 1 it ran with a Developer Preview of Windows 8)  Video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw7P6XkXP3A


The last big memory I had was the first time I was legitimately mad at Linus and his review practices.  He did his "I switched HTC 8x" review and was pretty hard on it about all the problems he had while using it, then immediately did a review on another phone just a month later and was completely forgiving of ever complaint he had on the phone (The HTC One) because he went in and changed god knows what all to make himself happy.  I'm still pissed about it because it wasn't a apples to apples comparison, but regardless it is what it is and this is the link to the two videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uZiMf4pEBE  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7-We7vB7lA


I do wish I could contribute more to the forums, but I personally don't have a lot of time as I am worked like a slave and I am under a confidentiality agreement from my employer (Amazon) so a lot of things I cant comment about (like the iPhone 6, I knew about it like 4 weeks before hand because its been sitting in our warehouse in a corner :)), of which I did recently break with my Twitch/Amazon post (woops), but I do think for good reason.  I'm glad to see this milestone and I hope to see LTT grow into the biggest community on the internet someday.

PS the recent ATT Connected Home video, you guys should make this your new office renovation and do a "Shield Ghetto" style video of it.  Would be amazing to see!

Please spend as much time writing your question, as you want me to spend responding to it.  Take some time, and explain your issue, please!


If you need to learn how to install Windows, check here:  http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/324871-guide-how-to-install-windows-the-right-way/

Event Viewer 101: https://youtu.be/GiF9N3fJbnE


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Congratulations on the 1 million subscribers Linus Media Group! :D
I would like to thank you all for making all the fantastic videos that you upload to your channels!

Many of them have helped me a lot! Usually when i have a PC-problem, I just go you Youtube, type in my problem and add "Linus" at the end of the search. This usually leads me to one of your awesome videos!

Thank you! :D

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I found your channel by accident while I was looking for product video. In one day I've watched all of your other videos available on youtube and since I constatly wait for new content grom you. KEEP IT COMING! :D One milion subs. Wow that is HUGE. You deserve it. Grats :)

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I started watching your videos when I was looking into building my computer. I posted on the forum and got tonnes of help. I'm currently saving so that I can buy the dream pc, but until then I will continue to watch videos from LinusTechTips whenever they are posted. Love you guys and everyone on his forum. This community is awesome!

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Congratulations on 1 million subscribers! I've been watching LTT and NCIXTT videos ever since I started getting serious about building my first PC 3 years ago and I have been a subscriber ever since. I can't get enough of the WAN show and try to watch it live when I can although the timing is not great for the UK. Apart from the wan show my favorite video has to be Luke's second personal rig update with the story of the cracking oil cooled PC. proper tear jerker. I would love to win anything from you guys in a giveaway the graffitied rig would be amazing. Keep up the hard work you guys are amazing.

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