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  1. Please look at the guide in my signature.
  2. Doesn't mean every other chip is 64 bit compatible, or that your manufacture made a driver for it. If they only made 32 bit drivers, then you need to use a 32 bit OS.
  3. I didn't insult anyone. No ones race, gender, mother, or like wise was brought into this. You came into the thread with a negative attitude and instantly took my comments as negative. It's a classic case of glass half full/empty. You were in a bad mood, there for you took my comments as negative. Nothing I said was negative in any way.
  4. You click restore on the utility you used to create your back up.
  5. reddit is the place to go for real help BTW... Its kinda the only place that will give you help.
  6. Okay, so the next time I have issues with overheating on my CPU I'll be sure to tell you what kind of router I have. That will be super helpful. I was just telling dude that his stats didn't help his network at all, which (I figured) is more than common sense.
  7. So... What is your networking equipment? You still haven't told us...
  8. cheaper options? Get a 500w PSU and a RX460 with a 120GB MX series SSD...
  9. Get a CoolerMaster 550watt PSU, a RX 470, and a Crucial MX series 240GB SSD, it will all fit in your budget.
  10. Yea, just restore it from your back up on your new drive!
  11. How do you mean was what necessary? His computers stats? No, it was the exact opposite of necessary.
  12. Its something called a sample size... Its probably as accurate as could possibly be.
  13. I don't find these realistic. But more hopeful.
  14. Okay, quoting the specs of your computer like that, give me no indication of your networks capabilities. With that said, I'm willing to bet your equipment sucks ass since you don't seem to pay attention to it.
  15. In what games?! Maybe BF1 on ultra ultra settings on a 40 player map... And that's about the only game I can think of that the RX480 will out pace a A10-7890k.
  16. If you went to the manufactures website, and they only offered a 32 bit version of the driver, yet you installed a 64 bit OS... What did you think was going to happen?
  17. the audio chip probably only supports a 32 bit os
  18. No, they're really not that bad of CPU's they're just misunderstood. Although, with that said, I don't recommend ANY of the 9xx platform chips. So either grab a Ax8 platform or go Intel.
  19. please go back and read my post. All 4 pieces of equipment are different physical pieces of equipment. if you want me to build you a shopping cart then you need to provide more information as well as ask for it.
  20. What? Did you not read the whole paragraph before? You're betting off getting your own equipment, separately, than getting their solution.