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Who is Robbing all the 3080/3090'S?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Is crypto miners running bots to buy out all the new gpus so they can make a quick profit before the rest of the market catches up?

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Scalpers, primarily

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Plenty of scalpers trying to make quick money...

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In between low supply, and high demand, scalpers are looking to buy, turnaround and sell with a markup to make a quick buck.  Nothing new unfortunately. 

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Just now, Nanook said:

Is there anyway to stop them?

Don't buy from them. As long as people do, and there's profit to be made, they'll continue.

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Last time it was Miners.  This time it's Scalpers.  There's always some group of asshats to hate on.

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Im sure scalpers are to blame to a degree, but they get too much credit, I think it's mostly to do with high demand and low supply.


When I look of ebay I rarely see sellers with multiple cards, at least not here in Spain, I see many seller with one card. This makes me think that a lot of people are buying them and don't mind keeping them, but will just as happily turn a quick profit and wait to buy another later on.

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2 hours ago, Nanook said:

Is there anyway to stop them?



I was monitoring ebay during the launch yesterday for giggles. The listings were selling out as soon as they were being put up. There will always be people willing to pay extra when they can't find it anywhere else. And many of the listings were from brick & mortar purchases. The others were individuals who (presumably) used bots to buy a single card with the sole purpose of reselling. If you looked at their selling history it was a lot of things like rare sneakers, etc. It's their business.


That said I also agree with the previous poster that you shouldn't blame everything on bots just because something sells out. Even if there was no such thing as a bot there are more than enough regular people who can sell these out instantly. Each inventory drop is maybe a few dozen or few hundred cards at a time.


I remember years ago I just happened to open newegg at the exact right time to be able to order a pair of GTX 680. And I don't remember having much trouble getting a 2 980s and 2 1080Tis. But I didn't buy them at launch either.


This year we just have a perfect storm of circumstances. Extra demand due to COVID, and due to the cards being so awesome. And for the first time we are seeing major bot/scalper activity in this space.

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