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  • CPU
    r5 3600
  • Motherboard
    msi b450i gaming ac
  • RAM
    2X8GB micron e die 3600mhz
  • GPU
    Zotac amp 2060
  • Case
    Silverstone ML08
  • Storage
    256GB Samsung 950 m.2, 1 TB Adata su800, 4TB HGST HDD external
  • PSU
    Silverstone SX500-LG
  • Display(s)
    Acer nitro vg240y
  • Cooling
    Noctua Nh-l9x65 am4
  • Keyboard
    Logitech k750
  • Mouse
    Logitech g502
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Full system specs? These errors are typical of unstable overclocks, reseting bios to defaults may be a quick fix.
  2. WHEA are a bad sign. Reseat ram and check that all power cables are fully plugged in. Then reset bios to defaults and check if whea errors persist. AMD overclocking menu settings can persist through resets, so revert any changes made there manually. Windows has a tendency to screw up drivers actually, and they certainly don't test things internally, always get drivers from the manufacturer to minimize issues
  3. Idk about all that. This was just trying to let people know about a terrific deal second (after all free is the best price) and throwing in a little reference joke
  4. For voltages soc and vddp affect ram overclocking, maxes are 1.2v and 1.1v respectively, I start with 1.15v and 1v. (if you see cldo_vddp its max is 1v, so be mindful) vddg may also help, 1.15v max, due to technical reasons doesn't respond to settings greater than soc-.05v. I would start at 1.08v (there's 2 vddg settings, I don't know enough to tell you how setting them differently turns out, I just set them to the same value) Set vdimm to whatever the xmp profile calls for until you can confirm the dies used to avoid potential degradation. Start by just adjusting the ram frequency and l
  5. If you want to push frequency you need to manually set soc and vddp voltage, soc max is 1.2v, vddp is 1.1v (there's a similarly named cldo_vddp, max is 1v for that) vddg voltage also does stuff for ram, personal experience is it does more on the timings side than frequency, 1.15v max (requires soc at least 0.05v higher than vddg) I would recommend starting with 1.15v soc, 1v vddp, and 1.08v vddg, leave primaries on auto and set vdimm voltage to 1.35v, then push the ram frequency up incrementally until you hit 3600mhz or a test errors. Test with prime95 large ffts, occt large data s
  6. Got Metro 2033 redux a while back from epic (free) and got Last Light redux free from GoG this morning. Playing through 2033, on Defense, and I'm talking to myself... "You gotta conserve ammo." "Shoot'em in the head!!!" "Well which one is it? Conserve ammo or shoot'em in the head?" "Well it's both, but most importantly you gotta quit screaming like a lunatic."
  7. Yes you can run them together, it should set timings based on the lesser of the two
  8. You cannot create more lanes by adding an adapter into the system. It is possible to split lanes, but you still have the same total number of lanes (so splitting a x4 you can do 1x1x1x1, 2x1x1, or 2x2, or any combination that uses less than 4). That is a pcie to m.2 adapter, plugs into a mobo's pcie slot
  9. Setting soc, vddp, and vddg manually may help for raising ram speed, max of 1.2v soc, 1.05v vddp, (I forget vddg, I think it's 1.15, may be 1.05. Typically needs set at least .05v below soc for system reasons)
  10. That's good news! Might as well use it as you already were, and prepare for the inevitable day when something fails in the system
  11. Yes, I was recently looking for a way to control fan speed based of gpu temp when they're plugged into the mobo, I only found 2 ways that worked for me Argus monitor(paid with a free trial) or fancontrol(free, when using the gui occasional message from the dev asking for donations)
  12. Bought myself a custom loop. 1260mm rad, dual ddcs, soft tubing, some quick disconnects, cheap cpu and gpu blocks... been meaning to put a post up for it. Total cost $440
  13. Power supplies don't typically kill a single component like that unless pumping a buttload of voltage through them. Also when asking if a part might be defective it's important to identify the specific product you have. For all we know you could have a fire hazard special or a 1600w platinum psu (actually for troubleshooting full system specs are preferred, the more info we have the better we can assist)
  14. When you change something and it won't boot, there's 2 pins marked clrtc on the bottom right of the board, near the front panel connectors, above 2 rgb headers, bridge them gently with a piece of metal to clear bios settings. cpu fan header is above ram sticks, top left header is cpu, make sure a fan is plugged in there and not the pump (plug pump into cpu_opt directly under cpu header) However the heck you almost broke a bunch of pins, be careful and don't do that. Perhaps a pic of the mobo would aid in advising you so we can see that everything is plugged into the right place