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    ASUS Maximus XI Code
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    64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB
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    EVGA 1080 Ti SC2
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    CM MasterCase MC500M
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    2x NVMe Samsung 970 Evo, 1x WD Blue HD
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    2x Dell U2415, 1x Asus PG279QZ
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    Corsair K70 RGB Lux
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    Logitech G900
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    Corsair Void Wireless Headset
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    Windows 10

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  1. I am currently investigating ways to be able to wipe my home Windows PC remotely; similar to how you can wipe an Android or iOS mobile device. I've found a few things out there but they seem kinda janky. Anyone here have some of their own suggestions?
  2. Yeah... I really been hoping to get a proper office chair soon too. I've worked from home for around 3 years now and have been using a Maxnomics 'gaming chair' this whole time. It's awful for my back. I really need to invest in a proper chair. I'm just going to have to wait this 'pandemic' thing out.
  3. Nvidia can't melt steel beams. Mods are covering it up! Seriously though - it's basically all of these. Lots of people really want these cards.
  4. Despite this, I bet Amazon shipments will continue to be delivered on time.. shipping companies and Amazon are real buddy-buddy.
  5. I hate printers. And printer companies. They're absolute garbage. I really need to get a laser printer...
  6. To my fellow US citizens... please vote!  The single best way to help reduce the inevitable contentiousness in this election is to VOTE!  The bigger the gap in the popular vote between winner/loser the better.  Live in a state that will never turn for your candidate?  Doesn't matter.  VOTE ANYWAY!  It still counts for the popular vote!  A bigger gap means less complaints about an illegitimate or stolen election.  


    Early voting has started in many places.  Do your civic duty.  

  7. Nice. My kids are probably a bit old for that book then lol