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  1. I think my reaction would be surprise or shock, and not hilarity. I feel sorry for those living in countries with high sale tax rates, many are in the 20% to 30% range. I'm lucky, even though I live in Spain with a 21% tax rate I don't have to pay it because the rules on VAT do not apply to the Canary Islands, so instead I only pay 7.5% IGIC.
  2. I'm in the EU, but I don't see why this is funny, personally I wish prices were better for all.
  3. Yeah, I would want the 300 dollar cheaper EVGA card too, even though IMO the EVGA cards are ugly AF. The MSI Suprim is a really nice card with a stupid name, it looks even better in real-life IMO, also it feels like a step up in quality compared to most the card, makes my EVGA FTW3 look and feel like cheap flimsy crap.
  4. Sure, business as usual. Many, if not overwhelming majority of companies will screwing over their customers if they think they can make a quick buck, if they think the possible repercussions are acceptable, its a calculated risk, and they will do it without remorse in a heart beat. AMD, Intel and Nvidia are seasoned pros.
  5. This for me would be good reason to go for nvidia over amd. I had a 6900xt in my living room gaming pc so my wife and I could play some story rich game together. I started out playing titles from the late 2000's like bioshock and I ran into issues in many games. I swapped the card out for a 6800xt, same problems, ddu and reinstall drivers and try other driver versions, same problems, reinstalled windows, same problems, swap to a 3080, problems solved. Wether or not dlss or rt matters to you depends on personal preference and your situation. I have played many games this year, not o
  6. @varrys 5600x @ 4.8 all cores 64gb 3600mhz Ram RTX 3090 9x 14cm fans Triple rad and pump Sound card. Prime95 100% cpu load and kombuster 100% gpu load, keep in mind some of these watts will be on the other rails, but most will be on the 12v rail: 606 watts
  7. I have a 6900 XT, 6800 XT and 6700 XT running on a folding at home machine using a 1200w psu, and my 12v rail has amps to spare. Recommended requirements for psu's are used to just give you an idea what you might need. I also run a 5600x, but mine is OCed to hell on a triple rad and pulls over 130w, which is double the 65w its rated for. I have an OCed 3090 pulling 450 watts. A load of fans pulling around 40 watts. This is on a 800w psu with around 66 amps on the 12v rail. This leaves me with around 180 watts for the rest of the components that need
  8. Sorry I missed the n't With 62.5 amps on the 12v rail, use any card you want, I wouldn't hesitate to throw a 3090 in that build. You can put a 3090 in there no problem.
  9. With 62.5 amps on the 12v rail, use any card you want, I wouldn't hesitate to throw a 3090 in that build.
  10. Recommended PSU numbers are pretty much useless and are just guidelines at best. How much power you need depends on your whole system, and not all 750w PSU's are built the same. What is your system, and psu are using? I have a 600w psu running my 3080, and it's running well in spec.
  11. I would get a card with a decent cooler, the cooler a card runs the more likely its going to boost and give you more performance. It comes down to price too, compare the cards in your price range and decide for yourself what you think is worth it.
  12. How were you able to reattach the chip, did you solder it back on? If not I would expect it to immediately fall off once the card is move considering nothing is holding it on. I'm don't know what that chip is, it does look like a mosfet. No idea, just speculation. I would be worried that it was for some of the memory modules, and once it reaches a certain memory usage you may run into problems. Perhaps the 3090 doesn't need all its power phases working and you broke the one which was sharing the load with others, and now the others are compensating.
  13. I do not recommend this model. I own this card and I'm really not impressed with it. It's cooler is only just able to cope, and is really pushed to its limit. It has a metal backplate, but no thermal pads, so thermally speaking it's useless at best, a hindrance at worst. The memory runs very hot, they have used thermal putty instead of pads, I suspect this has been done because of poor cooler design. I do not recommend trying to replace the thermal pads. The card has no mounting screws on the vrm's or memory modules between the die and the side of the card
  14. If possible always put inside an anti-static bag, other that you can use any box bigger than the card, then use something soft to keep it in place inside. If you don't have an anti-static bag then just wrap the card in a layer of bubble wrap instead, personally never had a card die in bubble wrap, but an anti-static bag is always my first choice. Remember to just keep the anti-static bag next time
  15. What were you overclocking? Presumably a gpu, if so try safe mode and uninstall the software, including any profiles.
  16. Normally this is caused by oils separating from thermal pads, but I have also had this happen on gpu's with no thermal pads. The pcb can discolor in area's exposed to high temperatures for long periods, typically around vrm's and memory modules. I have also had many gpu's with dark oily patches on the back of the card where there are no thermal pads, but usually in the same areas pads are, just on the other side. I theorize that the materials used some gpu's pcb's contain oil, from what I understand epoxy resins are often used in construction of pcb's, epoxy resins are often deriv
  17. Much, thank you. Just run them as separate cards.
  18. Damn, just missed the sign up. Sorry, I only just got out of hospital and didn't see this event until now
  19. Same, I'm up to 176 pending and 3,091,658.62 pending credits. Sieve tasks make up the vast majority of my pending tasks, so I have removed them.
  20. Wow, most of my credits on primegrid are pending 1,557,198.43, guess the servers are a little backed up right now
  21. @GOTSpectrum Thanks for all the help I think everything is working right. I've got 3x 6700xt, 6800xt, 3080, 3060ti and a 3090 working on the +20% tasks, and a 1080, 6900xt, 2080s and a 3070 ripping through the short tasks.
  22. Doing some of them tasty 20% bonus tasks. RX 6800XT looks to be able to complete one every 4-5 hours, so others might want to consider doing them also.
  23. 6800XT was to blame, wasn't being detected correctly and pulled it from the system, its now replaced the 280x in the 1600af rig, and is working correctly.
  24. No oc's, running fah for weeks no problem. I do know it's one of the amd gpu's.
  25. I'm windows rdc, but I've taken an old screen down to them and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Next problem boinc is causing blue screens.