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Canon introducing their new C70 cinema camera

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Posted · Original PosterOP

New cinema camera from Canon that looks like a hybrid between the 5D lineup and their EOS C lineup. It is the first cinema camera to have a native RF mount.  

Quick rundown of the features.

  1. 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor
  2. 16+ stops of dynamic range
  3. Up to 4K 120fps 4:2:2 10-bit shooting capability, internally. 
  4. Dual card slots
  5. Dual Pixel AF
  6. Pro I/O interfaces- XLR inputs, SDI, etc
  7. tons more!


Leave your thoughts below!

Also, I believe Brandon should unbox and review this camera. Would love to watch it!




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Dang.  That is a beautiful camera.  And it's only 7300 canadian pesos.  Not too bad at all for a camera of that stature.  16 stops of dynamic range and the cool ND filter system built in will make this bad boy pretty incredible in a huge range of situations.

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the codecs are what the C200 should have had. now canon put the dam C100mk2 out of its pain and replace it

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From the post title, I thought "They aren't seriously making a medium format camera??? No way that's become cheap enough!"

It still looks cool though.

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