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  1. Please please don’t give money to scalpers. It sucks to wait, but it is better than supporting the bloodsucking scum that are scalpers. where are you? In Canada, most EB Games stores are doing call lists, so as they come in you can get a call when your name hits the top of the list.
  2. Where are you? Because a lot of retailers here in Canada seem to have the Series S in stock most of the time. I would get yourself down to a local brick and mortar store and find one in stock as regular retail and just pick the game up at the same time.
  3. I don't understand why Linus didn't short circuit the whole dramatically overprices video card equation by pretending Sarah was in the VAG program and letting her "buy" a 3060 at retail.
  4. My oldest computer tech that still works is an early 2011 Macbook Pro. Well, mostly works. Occasionally the keyboard decides the E key shouldn't work unless I press it really hard a few times, then it works again for awhile. Oldest tech item that I own that is still working would be a Yashicamat 124g TLR camera. It was made in the early to mid 70's. It takes perfect photos to this day, though the shutter release is a little sticky, so I think I need to lubricate it. I had a Rollei 35S that I gave to a buddy, of the same vintage. I am likely coming into a collection of much older cameras wi
  5. I would like to think LTT would come up with a method that isn't going to involve only those who can click the fastest and getting lucky getting items. Like some sort of application process with random draws or some such. I am pretty sure that LTT didn't pay MSRP for these cards. I know markups aren't huge on computer parts, but I suspect they will be making more than just good will on this deal. I hope this promo works and we see more skus. I dont really want a 3080, but I wouldnt mind a 3060ti.
  6. No. The ram and ssd in the M1 Macs cannot be upgraded, as they are part of the soc package. So you have what you have. For more storage, you can use external drives, but you are stuck at 8gb of ram.
  7. I agree. Paying scalper level prices just sucks. It seems like the best advice lately is that if you really don't need a new GPU, just hold off until prices come down to retail levels again. It is my dearest dream that people will stop paying the scalpers and they will all end up with stock they cannot sell for more than they paid for it. Sadly, people with $$ will keep paying them, thus encouraging the behaviour.
  8. I suspect that you are going to spend almost as much trying to upgrade this old system as you would doing a budget build that will get you far higher performance. Just quickly looking at PC Part Picker, you could could build an i3 or Ryzen 3 system in the 450-500 dollar range without the GPU. The biggest problem that you will find is that GPUs of any variety seem to be either out of stock or ridiculously expensive. So I would look at something on the used market.
  9. This guide is to replace the fan. It will show you the disassembly steps to get it open so you can clean it out. I hope it helps. PlayStation 4 Pro Fan Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide You should only need to go as far as step 3. I suspect you didn't remove the HDD when you tried to get the cover off.
  10. I remember having a 3.5" floppy as A: and a 5 1/4 floppy as B: and not having a C or D drive. The 80's were AMAZING.
  11. Blame it on Apple. I read somewhere that Apple uses something like 80% of TSMCs fab output for their Apple silicon and iPhone/iPad SoC production. If true, that would explain why it seems easy to get the latest iPhone, but harder to fins AMD CPUs and GPUs. As for cutting back on SoC production for Sony and Microsoft, I can't see that happening. AMD wants to keep those high volume customers happy.
  12. Are you on the Minecraft beta? I believe the DXR stuff is only on the Beta branch at the moment. I poked around the other day and couldn’t find any RT worlds, so perhaps I will ask on the dev discord.
  13. One of my coworkers is playing on an original 2013 fat One. He turned all of the graphics down and has quite enjoyed the experience. I agree that the game should have been pushed back again to try to smooth out the problems on the One/Ps4. But it wasn’t. I just don’t think that CDPR is going to really suffer that much from this. Perhaps it will serve as a cautionary tale about hyping something so much that it can never meet those expectations, both by the developer, but also by the gaming public. The one thing that Bethesda does really well is not talking seriously about games unti
  14. I think mounting it to the drawer is a really bad idea. The runners the drawer slides on will be a weak point, and I suspect you will pop the drawer off of its rails on a regular basis, if not actually breaking them. Do you have even basic carpentry skills? You could make a bracket that clamps to the desk surface that you can mount the wheel on to push it out past the drawer, and then bolt the wheel to that. Use some clamps to secure your bracket to the desk and it would be pretty solid.
  15. I honestly think you are overestimating the reputation hit. Especially if they keep releasing patches and improving the experience. As I said, it is no worse than Skyrim was, and that is widely considered one of the best games in the last decade.