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    [2012: I5 2500k] [2016: 6700K]
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    Gigabyte Z170-HD3
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    40GB (+8 that won't fit because of my cooler :sadface:
  • GPU
    [2012: 560ti] [2013: 670] [2016: 1070]
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    [2012: Thermaltake element S] [2016: Fractal Design R4]
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    2TB Samsung SSD + 1TB Samsung SSD + 2TB Toshiba HDD. (Linux/Win10/Win7)
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    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
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    One that came with my windows 98 PC
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    Logitech G700s
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    Linux (Kubuntu LTS) / Win10 / Win7 (RIP)

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  1. I find it rather amusing how much of that keyboard has been translated into German, EXCEPT "Multiple Choice" I recall having something relatively similar as a kid, but with more of a 16x16 lcd grid with some games on it, but i remember barely anything of it.
  2. Ah yes, the days when our CPUs could be cooled by a little finned lump of copper and a small fan. Compared to heatpipe 120 or 140mm monstrosities we have today lol. I won't lie, I thought that was a keyboard attached to a microwave for a moment! lmao Having a CRT would be great for some nostalgia. Though I'm sure a modern high end LCD would absolutely trash the best CRT today, they were very good at making low res images nice and soft to look at.
  3. My P4 (3.00GHx with HT) ran alongside a Radeon HD6450 near the end! Because the internal graphics were an ATI Xpress 200... I tried to play KOTOR II, and the framerate basically stopped as soon as a smoke effect or grass appeared lol. Put the 6450 in and suddenly the game ran maxed out without a sweat. I messed around with that PC when me and my bro both got our own individual ones, and I ran Cinebench R14 (the one with the car chase GPU bench). It got 9fps. I used FSB overclocking to pump the P4 up as high as it would go. It reached what it claimed was 4.25GHz but only managed to POST li
  4. I would have killed for a Core2 Duo back when I had my Pentium4 machine, that was the *recommended* CPU to play the original Crysis with! The game we've memed to death over the last 14 years about how hard it is to run lol. You remind me of my mum's Commodore computer that we found in her dad's loft when he died. I can't remember which version of the Commodore it was, but it had three computing boxes, a box full of tapes, and a controller. The only thing we were missing to actually use it was an odd-looking power cable. I begged my parents to try and find one for us to use
  5. I have done some thinking recently about building a setup that replicates a PC you might buy or build around 2000ish, which is the hardware time period most of my childhood games were played on. slot 1 PIII etc. But then I realised going up to the Pentium 4, which I also used for many years as a kid, felt like something less interesting and too much like a worse version of what I have now, even though it would be perfect for a different part of my childhood experiences. Something about the late 90s/turn of the millenium holds a dear spot for me, partly because of the alien (co
  6. Temperature sensors that show ridiculously high temps all the time like that, are usually unused (i.e. disconnected) probes that aren't actually measuring anything.
  7. My i7-6700k (4.5GHz) was still very good when I replaced it shortly after the Zen3 release. The only game it really choked on was Half Life Alyx, which by the sound of things is particularly CPU intensive. A more modern 4-core, like zen3 or intel 11th gen, would therefore probably still be perfectly acceptable.
  8. No way. I used to have a later-era P4 (a 3.00GHz with hyperthreading, LGA 775), which took so long to complete the cinebench R14 test I literally gave up on it. It was paired with a Radeon HD 6450 and the GPU FPS score went up from 9 to 12 FPS.... when I overclocked the CPU!!! Somehow that thing was (barely) happy to go up to 4.2 GHz just by FSB tweaking, though it only booted on like 1/5 attempts by that point. Those P4s are hot garbage even compared to a 1st gen i-core.
  9. Your problem might be different since it's to do with the GPU being plugged in, but I had power cycling issues with my PC (no parts in common) and I found my motherboard's 24-pin power wasn't *quite* seated in properly. Fine since I pushed it down a bit more. The PCI-e connector supplies up to 75w from that motherboard power connector, so I guess check the connectors elsewhere on the PC too. Just throwing stuff at the wall.
  10. Found a way to get it to work in the end. Turns out the linux command `dd` that just writes a disk image to a drive is not sufficient for Windows as it is for Linux OSs. I had to use the official media creation tool provided by microsoft on my dad's laptop. I needed windows, to install windows! Slightly paradoxical but at least I have it back now. Thanks for trying to help! Leaving this here in case someone finds it by google and to let you guys know I solved it.
  11. I've reset the bios, and I double checked under the IO settings and no form of RAID is turned on. I put both versions of the exe onto a separate thumb drive and the installer won't recognise that they exist. They don't show up in the browse menu and selecting the drive and rescanning just claims no drivers were found. I can't further extract the exes either if they're self-extracting? EDIT: I got 7z to extract the self-extracting zip, but even when windows installer discovered the drivers, it wouldn't install them and claimed "no new hardware was dicovered", still won't let me proc
  12. I need to reinstall windows 10 due to very odd circumstances, but whenever I boot into my USB (8GB USB3) with the ISO installed on it, the Windows installer complains of "missing device drivers" and refuses to continue immediately after clicking the initial "install" button. My spec: Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro (bios F13) R7 5800x GTX 1070 EVGA Supernova G2 650w 2x samsung QVO SSDs (1TB + 2TB) I have the most recent ISO version (Win10_21H1_English_x64), and used this ISO to make a Windows10 VM which installed fine. So I have no doubt that the ISO is co
  13. Spec: R7-5800x Gigabyte Aorus B550 Pro GTX 1070 32GB DDR4 @ 2133 EVGA Supernova G2 650w Samsung 1TB SATA SSD (Windows 10) Samsung 2TB SATA SSD (Manjaro Linux) (Formerly) Toshiba 2TB 7200rpm HDD (Windows 7, Windows Bootloader) Hi! I reclaimed the spare hard drives left over from my upgrade to SSDs around christmas 2019, so that I could use them for a home server. Suffice to say both were long installed and reformatted before I realised what I'd done! Because the HDD had Windows 7 on it already, installing W10 on the SSD didn't
  14. The problems with nuclear are not so severe as people make out. Of the most prominent nuclear disasters, only one can be, I think, fairly considered as evidence against nuclear safety. For Chernobyl, it is evidence that carbon-moderated reactors are unsafe, and that containment buildings are useful. For three-mile-island, it is another example of the need for containment buildings, and also the reason more modern reactors tend to have hydrogen absorbers. This was also a very minor incident in terms of real impact, yet remains one of the most famous. For the Windscale fire, well,
  15. Even if it was able to produce a black hole (objects that, as far as we know so far, are only created when a star explodes, crushing the core, way beyond human attainment) it would be so small, that it would fizzle out of existence very rapidly. Remember: Black holes are not infinite vacuums but the infinite bending on space time *at the event horizon*, outside of the event horizon they still have their starting mass, and standing 2 meters away from a black hole that weighs 500'000kg would be exactly the same as standing next to a lump of iron of the same weight. It simply won't collect enough