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    [2012: I5 2500k] [2016: 6700K]
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    Gigabyte Z170-HD3
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    40GB (+8 that won't fit because of my cooler :sadface:
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    [2012: 560ti] [2013: 670] [2016: 1070]
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    [2012: Thermaltake element S] [2016: Fractal Design R4]
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    2TB Samsung SSD + 1TB Samsung SSD + 2TB Toshiba HDD. (Linux/Win10/Win7)
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    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
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    One that came with my windows 98 PC
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    Logitech G700s
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    Linux (Kubuntu LTS) / Win10 / Win7 (RIP)

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  1. My friend finished doing the DDU process in the guide link i sent him, and he got more whole-system freezes again today when playing BloonsTD6 Is there a way to narrow down if the freezes are due to the card or another issue in the PC? I know originally I thought GPU because of the error spat out by factorio but maybe something else is wrong to cause the freezes as a separate cause? Cheers for the help by the way
  2. Well, I did have a 670 I bought in 2013, never overclocked it and it still kicked the bucket in 2016. Blackscreening and refusal to work in any res above 800x600, and bluescreens if i attempted it. It kicked the bucket just after a dota match which made my screen go black but i could still hear people. I've also heard of people getting artifacting with GPU failure so I guessed this *might* be a worrying sign Here's hoping you guys are right and it is just drivers being funky!
  3. I've sent him a link to the DDU guide, I'll see if that works for him. Thanks!
  4. For obvious reasons having to buy a new one is... not ideal at the moment. He has a 1080 and recently started getting 1-2 second whole-system freezes, but otherwise everything seemed fine. GPU and CPU temps are not exceptional (doom 2016 got his gpu to 72c) but what really made this stand out as a GPU issue is when Factorio crashed with the message: "The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver update for the video card has occurred. Error: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. Reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET" Is there anything like increasing volta
  5. I mean, the konami code is just a very well known bonus as was common back in the day, though often "cheat codes" were just the way to access diagnostics developers used. Like in Sonic 2 where a combination of key presses at boot lets you access "free-build" and a music player of sorts. I'd argue that, despite most gamers knowing OF the konami code, I think the majority wouldn't actually be able to recite it off their head, especially under time pressure since the code is VERY old by this point (in gaming terms). Also as I said before, unless someone is really into japanese fighter g
  6. I gotta be honest, I'm not fond of the question format. I have been playing games since I was wee, but still managed to fail the test (that question about japanese fighting games took two of my hearts by itself, I thought the dead or alive one (the name is gone from my head already oof) was a beachball game i heard in passing). Had to google the konami code, that's just way before my time The fortnite question was, rather reliant on me actually having played fortnite even once. The "What game is famous for running on almost anything" question ALMOST stumped me despite knowi
  7. I'd personally look for a gold+ rated PSU at 750 to 900 watts. Modular and single 12v rail. Even if you only plan to stuff that PC with a mid-tier GPU and CPU TODAY, in 5 years you might be interested in something needing much more juice, and PSUs are most efficient at 30-70% of their load to getting more than you need is good anyway. Overspening on a PSU model that has been proven reliable and is beyond your needs is not only good sense for saving you money in the long term, but it is also the best option for the environment since PSUs make up *THE* biggest chunk of a PC's ma
  8. They cost so much right now because: 1: Despite being old, they remain very capable cards, even at 1440p (I run 1440p + 1080p as a secondary on a 1070, works great though elite dangerous tanks in framerate in asteroid fields with the shadow quality cranked, no man's sky works fine though on max) 2: People can't buy 30-series cards, and 20 series isn't a huge step up in performance but also cost more to buy new 3: Covid making people want to buy a PC more than usual, combined with crypto mining boom causes the demand to soar, so cards bid at higher and higher prices.
  9. CRT monitors do produce gamma radiation due to the electron-phosphorous reaction that produces light, however they also use lead glass which absorbs almost all of it so they are still safe. (can you guess why they are a pain to recycle? lol) In terms of long-term damage, I don't see what else could even potentially harm you. They do flicker rather harshly compared to modern LCDs which IS noticable at 50 or 60hz. This can give you short-term eye strain but won't hurt you long-term.
  10. Bluetooth is the same frequency of EMR as WiFi, which is not harmful at all. You'll be fine
  11. I'm gonna be honest then, it sounds like your GPU is just dead. Terrible time for that to happen for sure but I don't think there's anything you can do about it. I had similar issues with my GTX670 in 2016, just started bluescreening whenever I upped the resolution to 1080p in desktop.
  12. Have you made any recent changes to your setup? Without knowing more it could either be your PSU not being beef enough, or your GPU being on its deathbed.
  13. The mainstream media doesn't use algorithms based on your own usage and preferences to show you targeted news, they just find something to report and report it. You actively choose to read their websites or not. Facebook almost decides for you by curating what you see. Also there is most certainly *not* already a Facebook monopoly on VR, at the moment on steam's survey 56% of people use some form of Facebook VR setup. Which means 44% don't. Of that 44% it is mostly split between the index, vive and microsoft's vr. This is a healthier percentage than nvidia/amd gpus or intel/amd pro
  14. That data has been used to target political material to people, companies like Facebook literally have the power to sway elections with their algorithms. Besides that, the fact that you need to log into facebook and use their store to use the built-in compute of the Quest and Quest2, combined with the suspiciously cheap unit price for what it contains (potentially selling their product at a loss like consoles do?) they stand a real risk of becoming a Microsoft/Windows style monopoly in the VR space. Nobody wants that. Microsoft's headsets are able to be made by any hardware ma
  15. I've used a Vive and I own an Index. I used a 6700k @ 4.5 (now with R5-5800x) and a GTX 1070. It ran VR games like Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky, Project Cars 2 just fine. Half Life Alyx suffers a little with the 1070 being quite close to minimum spec (I was pulling over 90fps but not meeting my 144 hz target near lowest settings, and my overclocked 6700k was pushed to breaking point). As for how good the sets are at the moment... I'd say wait a little. The Index is what i'd call "almost there", but that is still an ALMOST. No doubt the next gen of headsets (Index is already 1