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valorant on linux?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so title speaks for it self have any one got valorant on linux working?

if it was useful give it a like :) btw if your into linux pay a visit here  and i will be thankful if you send me an opinion here  


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No. Valaront uses Vanguard which is a ring 0 kernel level anti-cheat designed for Windows.

The chances of this ever working on Linux is fairly slim without the Vanguard devs co-operation to port it.

If you want Valaront on Linux I would bug them, as I am sure the Linux community has little interest in making it work, considering Vanguard is basically malware.

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Very, very, very unlikely it'll ever work thx to Vanguard. Unfortunetly, it's also very likely that all Riot games will stop working once they implement it into the other games as well.

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