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  1. I know that on NZXTs and Thermaltakes sites only the very first image contains the components, all others are just the case. I think it's good that it shows what it'll look like with parts in it.
  2. Razer is really hit-or-miss in my experience. Some products will be decent, or even good (The deathadder), and some will be just garbage (The Kraken USB...). One thing that is always the same is the crazy pricing, though. Edit: Crap, didn't realize thread was 5 years old, saw it on the recent activity tab
  3. I bought a Optiplex 9010 for ~100€, + a monitor for free. You want to look for ones that are sold by schools/businesses, they'll usually be sold in a lot, but if you contact them, you may be able to get a single tower by asking. If you buy one from like Ebay, you'll most likely be buying it from someone who bought one of those lots, and is reselling them, so you'll end up paying more. What I want to note, is that even the mini-tower models are quite small, and if you do decide to go for a beefier GPU, you need to make sure it's not too long (I ended up chopping off my HDD bay).
  4. No. If you're worried, keep touching your case. Antistatic bracelets are usually a scam, anyways.
  5. Doqtori


    I just ordered some cheap, no-name fans from AliExpress, since I wasn't about to drop 15€ on a single fan. Someone here will probably say that it does, but I don't think the fan models really make much of a difference apart from noise.
  6. Doqtori


    I've found that 1 exhaust in the back of the case is the absolute minimum, and can drop temps by up-to 10-15 celsius depending mostly on your case. I'd add 1 intake as well, but after that the benefits are gonna be much smaller.
  7. Looks like I'm moving to Singapore
  8. That's clever. Trashy, but clever. Or maybe not so clever since they got caught.
  9. Granted, but you can only travel 30 minutes to the future or past per use. I wish public transport replaced all private vehicles.
  10. Don't use soap and let it dry completely, should still work.
  11. Effectively they're the same card, but especially if you're overclocking, the one with the better cooler will give you more FPS. Not by much, though,so just go for the one you think looks better (or the cheaper one, if looks don't matter to you, or the quieter one, etc.).