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SATA port giving problems

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Posted · Original PosterOP

When I am plugging my SATA Hard Disk in Port number 2 and 3, the computer gives me an I/O error screen(sometimes gives a "disk read error occurred" Screen) but works fine when installed in other ports. Sata Port 4 is occupied by my second Hard disk and port 1 by a SATA DVD writer(btw i have only 4 SATA ports). Any one knows why that might be happening and any possible workaround to use all three SATA devices(DVD writer and the 2 Hard Disk Drives)?

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Do you have an m.2 installed?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


16 minutes ago, TofuHaroto said:

Do you have an m.2 installed?

No(i have a potato pc which does not have support for these drives😜)

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