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  1. Did changing the PSU solve your issues? Am experiencing the same thing, except for the fact the problem didnt go away even after I RMA'ed the card and changed nearly everything(except my PSU)
  2. I have a GTX 1060. Used to work fine. I today switched my PC on to do some work, did some Word/Excel/Zoom for 3 hours and decided to play GTA. Played for approx 1 Hour with no issues, then closed the game and went to do some work for 5 minutes. When I returned I saw the fans of the GPU were spinning like crazy, and my monitor wasnt receiving any Signal. Considering it to be a driver crash, I turned it off by flicking the PSU switch and turned it on. Got into my account, started playing an audio file and the display blacked out again. But the music was still playing. I again turned it off and r
  3. I tried to install it many times, but unsuccessfully. I also tried every version of "How to install Mac OS Mojave" available on the internet, but to no avail. Could it be a problem with the image of the os?
  4. I tried installing MacOS Mojave on a virtualbox. I did everything mentioned in a guide I found on the internet(a reliable website) but I get the following error. How do I fix this?
  5. I recently built a new pc, and installed Windows 10 off a older Win 10 disk. The version is 1703(while my older, running PC has version 1909). My internet connection is quite slow, (and for some reason Wi-Fi on my new PC runs even slower), so the updates can't be downloaded directly from Windows Update (shows error-failed to download). Is there anyway I can update my new PC using the older one over LAN? I found many articless on the topic, but none of them could help me.
  6. This was the old disk only, I had used this disk for increasing storage in my current pc, but now that I have bought a newer and bigger hard disk for my current pc, I thought of putting it back.(Formatted it before putting it back)
  7. I had a old Seagate Hard Disk and an old PC lying around(the pc was my old one which I am sure works fine). Now, I installed Windows on my Disk (wanted to use the pc for some experimental purpose). I installed everything(including drivers, software etc.) and hey all installed fine. Now, I rebooted the computer, and some error message came saying " No OS found. Press Ctrl+alt+del to continue". What amused me the most was that the drive which earlier showed up in the BIOS as a Seagate one, now was showing up as a Toshiba one! . Anyone has any idea what is the problem with the drive, and how can
  8. Raina21

    Need Help

    Bumping up this post.
  9. Raina21

    Need Help

    I have an old PC with a 1 TB hard drive. I have built a new one, but will still be keeping the old one for experimental purpose. Now, I have done a fresh install of Windows 10 on the new PC(with another 1 TB hdd) and I want to add the old hard drive from that PC to new one, (since all my applications and games are installed on the old drive) to increase storage. How can I use the programs without reinstalling them(they are in another partition on the drive), and also want to shift the old OS to another hard drive which will be installed in the Old pc. How can I shift the OS from the old hard d
  10. Anywhere from 12-29 FPS, (Avg 17 FPS) on an i3 2120, and a GT 710.All settings low or turned off except Antialiasing at x4.
  11. I am also from India, and I checked all the dealers and websites, nobody was offering me a 2080ti for less than 1.25 lacs. You got lucky there, mate.
  12. After GST, the price spikes. REALLY. Also, this COVID situation has made pc parts much costlier.(For that Mobo, well I wanted an ATX with just a little bit of RGB, and that motherboard appealed a lot to me, I could not resist buying it). Still if the dealer agrees, I will try to get a i5 9400f as a replacement for the i3)
  13. Specs are- i3 9100f, GTX 1660, Corsair Carbide Spec 01, Asus ROG Strix B365-F Motherboard, 240GB m.2(for windows), 2TB+1TB HDD, 8GB(8x1) DDR 4 3000Mhz(will upgrade to 8x2 later on though), a 550w PSU(have requested a replacement since the Cooler Master PSU (mwe 550w) I bought was defective) an Optical Drive(just for the looks XD), and some more on extras like RGB fans and CPU Coolers and other stuff, just for the Aesthetics(you could save some money on those. Let's hope I don't have to do that.
  14. @Fasauceome Won't you recommend him to change his PSU to the Silverstone Sugo SG13B?
  15. I would say Ubuntu if you are trying it out for first time as it the easiest to understand and work with(debatable, this is just in MY opinion). If you then go on and become an advanced user, then you have many options. Some of them(not in any order) are- Kali Linux, MintOS, Debian etc.
  16. Same here, my father wouldn't buy me anything more than a GT 710. I calculated my 10th Board marks and they are (till now, expected) above 90%, so on that condition he bought me the parts.(However, If I get less than 90%, the parts will be sold once again XD). After Class 10 results, he will help me assemble my new PC with me(the only reason I have not assembled it yet)
  17. It's meant to convey my feeling for my current rig- "Laude ka PC". Will check you IG out for sure.
  18. Sometimes, PSU's are the culprit. My old PSU(dont remember which brand now) made my RAM defective, and shorted my audio. Even though I bought a sound card(didn't know at the time it was caused due to PSU), my new memory sticks kept failing. Atlast, when that power supply damaged itself, and I replaced it with another one(and new memory sticks ofc) my system did not give me any problem, and is still running fine (even after 4 years of use). P.S- Audio Card is still installed