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Can anyone help?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone

I have a bit of a predicament and needed some assistants please. So basically i have a laptop, and somewhat old monitor. The monitor only consist of cable for sound and power. and a VGA cable. I brought an adapter for the VGA cable which allows a USBC on the other end. So i can plug my VGA cable into my adapter, then plugging my adapter (USBC) into my laptop. Know, whatever my laptop displays is also shown on the monitor. However I want two screens doing two different things, for instance if i have a tab open on my laptop it'll show on the monitor also. But i want that tab to stay open on the monitor while i have a different tab open up on my laptop. I know they're connected but is there a way where i can have two different tabs or videos open without the screen changing even though they're Both interlinked? 

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In display settings see if it is set up in mirrored or extended. Mirrored is where it shows the same thing on both displays, so you'll want it on extended.

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That's the shortcut for the screen settings you're looking for. Set it to 'extend'.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

After i click extend it does show the monitor home page and a whole new screen. however, when i click on chrome or files, ir appears on my laptop and not the monitor. it simply stays on the display on the monitor, all actions are shown on my laptop

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