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  1. I suppose timeframe matters, as you can get a Kingston 120GB for under that price (5 cents!) now too: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price Storage Kingston A400 120 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $19.98 @ Amazon Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total $19.98 Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-12-03 11:43 EST-0500
  2. 3060 Ti's were 490-560 euros here and available for at least an hour or two after launch. I guess it depends on the region.
  3. The top 15 have been chosen, the videos have probably been shot? Or will be shot very soon?
  4. No. Even if your videocard has improper cooling, the videocard will downclock to avoid damage.
  5. https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/guide-to-broadcast-health-and-using-twitch-inspector?language=en_US#HowtoSetaProperBitrate It really depends on what resolution/fps you're streaming at, what your internet can handle, etc.
  6. yea. Task Manager > Details > Right click the process > Set Affinity You can set which threads a task uses here. Of course keeping in mind the less cores you give to OBS, the less quality you can set it to.
  7. Looks better in my experience with GPU heavy games, with a Ryzen 7 1700 I do have to assign the threads to OBS/the game accordingly, to make it not drop frames.
  8. No clue, I don't have the videocard or experience with recent AMD videocard encoders. I can tell you I have good experience with my 2070 Super video encoder, but that's really worthless anecdotal experiences.
  9. again, 5600X vs 5800X is similar single-core speed, but the 5800X has 33% more threads, which Davinci Resolve all uses, so it will be faster. Up to you if that extra money is worth it, or if you want to wait for a 5700X. Keep in mind you'll want a good videocard too for Davinci Resolve. ?? Are you asking about streaming capabilities of the GPU or CPU? Which CPU?
  10. it will just take longer on a 5600X vs. 5800X, but it's up to you if the 5600X is good, or if you want that 33% more performance.
  11. I assume you already have a compatible BIOS lined up to use? Do you also know if the videocard has the correct bandwidth to support this much memory? This video sees a guy scrape off VRAM chips with a screwdriver after heating it up with a hairdryer.. Yeah, no. Are you aware of how BGA soldering works? Because I'm not an expert, but I would be willing to say this guy shorted a bunch of contactpads on those VRAM chips. In conclusion: don't do this
  12. Yeah, anti ads should totally become more of a thing! I don't remember which YouTuber or company had one, but their ad was basically: "Company X paid for me to promote their business which is *one sentence synopsis of company X's products* check them out below for a special order". I feel like stuff like that is way more effective than a 1 minute "blah blah" advertisement many other companies give to YouTubers. Would it though? As long as this is opt-in and not opt-out, I feel like they can totally implement this in the EU. Especially when they tout the whole "anonymized
  13. 'everyone' is looking for HOTAS controllers for the past couple of months, due to COVID (people are spending less time actually being able to fly) and because FS 2020. Low supply on controllers and high demand have made basically everything from cheap to expensive absurdly expensive.
  14. Should've probably mentioned I am not from the US. The in-stock I mentioned is from a store that operates in the country where I live.
  15. No, I didn't get a videocard, because I am not looking to get a new videocard right now. I did see some AIB cards in stock for at least an hour or two here.
  16. 4 minutes 13 seconds. I don't have the exact numbers anymore, but it really take a couple minutes per frame, so like half a day in total. Not sure if it's going to be good for 'real human' footage though, it's mainly for drawings. In the past I've used Waifu2x for photos with mixed results.
  17. I don't have exact numbers, but Video2x will likely take hours. The only experience I have with it was with my 2070 Super upscaling a 480p video to 4K and it took hours. I don't remember a specific number, but it was like 10-15 hours or something. You can run Video2x on CPU or GPU (CUDA), but from the little amount of testing I've done, CPU upscaling is absurbly slower than CUDA upscaling. Like 20 times as slower.
  18. I've had good luck with Video2x, which is based on Waifu2x. That software is mainly meant for anime upscaling though. It doesn't have a conventional GUI though, relying on a command line user interface. Still pretty easy to understand when you just follow the steps: https://github.com/k4yt3x/video2x The other one I know of is from Topaz Labs, which I think is paid. Keep in mind video upscaling can take quite a long time on your device and could not give a satisfactory results. Always be sure to try it out the program with a small snippet of your video, so you can t
  19. Keep in mind as @Windows7ge MB is not the same as Mb. 1MB = 8Mb 1Gb = 1000Mb NIC is a network interface card, or just a network card. A 10Gb NIC is around 100 USD currently. Whether that is worth it for the extra 0.5Gb/s is up to you of course.
  20. Your motherboard only has a Gb ethernet port: If you want to get more than gigabit speeds, you will need a separate NIC. I can't find much info on the Bell modem, but if it isn't a special unit it probably only has gigabit speeds.
  21. You don't have a motherboard or router listed, so I can't judge that. Only some more recent motherboards have had support for over 1Gb/s. It's the same RJ45 port
  22. Welcome to the forum! Are you manually setting the speed, or using the automatic overclocking method of your motherboard? If you're setting it manually: that usually doesn't work because you need to change the timings and possibly voltage too, to make it run at the correct speeds. In the BIOS, turn on A-XMP, with Profile2.
  23. Ah alright, thought you said FAT32 doesn't at all support it, my bad!