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  1. Seriously though, this is very difficult to say. Plus, it depends on if you mean lose value by monetary value, or by percentage too. If I had to guess, I'd say the 6900XT, just because of its higher value it can fall in value more.
  2. You would need a 6 pin PCIE and a 6+2 pin (also called 8 pin PCIE) cable. Which specific cables you need, depend: - Do you want extensions or replacement cables? - What PSU do you have, if you wan replacement cables? - What length they would need to be (at minimum) - Why you want custom cables (looks, length, etc.)
  3. Personally I wouldn't bother with second hand PSU's of any kind. With second hand PSU's you're often missing a very important part of buying a PSU: warranty. As you're not the original buyer of the product, that may be more difficult to claim, depending on the company if there is any warranty left at all. You also don't know what type of situation the PSU has been running in, so you have no idea about the health of the fan in the PSU. It's up to you of course, but I'd personally never get a used PSU.
  4. Those types of brackets would be dependant on your switch and rackmount. For example, typically rackmount standard is 19", but your switch can be whatever size. This bracket has to fit in the space between the switch and the rackmount, so it's not a universal bracket. See my post as encouragement to look up what standard your rackmount uses, what standard (if any) your switch uses and see if these sorts of brackets are an option.
  5. I've seen some switch have these included: These make it so you can screw them into the switch (the four holes) and make it compatible with the standard 19" cabinets. It's worth taking a look if these sorts of things will work with your switch + cabinet
  6. Cyrix is an important footnote in x86 history, as it proved floating point calculations on CPU's were the way to go, because of the programs using that (which they used it because of the Pentium's release). So maybe "recent" isn't fair to say. It's just the needed information to get across why we have two companies in the x86 industry.
  7. me neither, which is why I mentioned "absurd amount of money" in my post, but I still mentioned it for the sake of completeness.
  8. Press F7. Or change it back manually: Chrome Settings > Advanced > Accessibility > "Navigate pages with a text cursor" source: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/77878717?hl=en
  9. did you also know there are AAAA batteries?
  10. Happy to hear it's been changed I was going as far as to think about silly fixes, like not using the regular colon, but rather one of the "alternatives" unicode provides, such as these: ˸, ܄, ﹕, ᠄, :, ︓, and ꞉ Source: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/160295/what-characters-might-be-used-to-substitute-for-colon-in-folder-names-using-a-ti These could be used with.. various levels of convincingness. The last one looks best I think. normal colon: C: The first colon alternative: C꞉ Then on mobile you can just set a shortcut to your keyboard, so that
  11. Water and lemonade are a different sort of story. With water you want to remove as much of it as possible and then let it dry. Lemonade however has sugar in it. Water dries off, sugar does not and could short out something on the board. Whenever I encounter anything with liquids spilled on it, my go to is to unplug it and properly clean it. Alcohol + a toothbrush (you won't use in your mouth anymore) is the method I prefer.
  12. TechQuickie videos are nowadays a sort of super short narrow focused "history lesson", this one revolving around how Intel and AMD become the predominant CPU manufacturers on the desktop/laptop market. That is why stuff like IBM PowerPC was only a footnote and stuff like the Motorola and MOS chips weren't named; it will still mostly about the somewhat recent x86 history.
  13. I think you're looking at two cables that plug into each other: The fans (the "D-RGB product" in the sentence above) connects to the cable and then it can connect to your motherboard's 5v 4 pin RGB connector (if available).
  14. February 29th of course! I don't expect to see RTX 3080 videocards in stock any time soon, if at all. What I mean is that most of the different AIB versions will probably have a queue of people waiting for it. The only chance to get one of those cards is probably by hopping into a queue, getting lucky with a drop on a website or paying an absurd amount of money to a scalper.
  15. Shoutout to that one time LTT got "limited edition" Corsair Dominator Platinum memory and received - by request - kit 069 of 500. I shall remember this, for the next time someone makes a thread "LTT didn't used to have so many bad jokes and innuendos!" (Although it was from a 2016 video, so somewhat recent).
  16. I edited my post a second ago, I forgot to mention the two USB 3.0 ports connected to that adapter will function at USB 2.0 speeds. So basically two of the front USB ports will be 2.0, two of them 3.0.
  17. There are adapter like this: https://www.amazon.com/Silverstone-Internal-19-Pin-Adapter-G11303050-RT/dp/B00B1RM5YU/ That allow you to plug your USB 3.0 header from your case into a USB 2.0 header of your motherboard (of which you have two) EDIT: of course at USB 2.0 speeds max. So two of your USB connections on the front are essentially USB 2.0 ports.
  18. just click copy on the bottom, ignore the code at the top. This copies a zero width spacer, an invisible character. Place this invisible character inbetween the C and colon (:) and it now it doesn't see it as an emote, but two separate characters. 1. press that button on the website 2. Windows+V > pin (so you can use it later too) (optional) 3. Now press C > paste this character > press colon (:) and now you have C: without a space
  19. Fighting my need to say "this is why I dislike Python!" and why we just need curly brackets Indent means "a space created by pressing Tab", basically. Unindent is the opposite, the lack of such an indent. Anything in the Try needs to be indented one Tab further. I think except is also needed. I'm not a Python expert, so that may not all be 100% correct
  20. Contour have a screenshot perhaps? Do you mean their open test benches?
  21. Looks like the board is called "Satisfaction75"
  22. A "Zero width spacer" is a character in the text set used basically everywhere. It's a character that - as its name suggests - has zero width. It's basically an invisible space character. If I type the letter C and then colon (:), it will see C + : = If I type C, zero width spacer, then colon (:) it will essentially see a space between these two, but a space that has zero width, so it's invisible to the user. That way I can type C: without it turning into an emote. I linked that website. You just have to press that purple button on the bottom of the w
  23. I'm in favor of this change. If it doesn't get implemented though, a simple fix is using a zero width spacer. Here on this website you can copy it: https://codepen.io/chriscoyier/pen/iLKwm If you're using Windows (10), copy this character, press Windows + V, click the three dots and press Pin and it will always be there under Windows+V. Kind of a hacky fix to an annoying issue, but gotta do what ya gotta do.
  24. I'd say the overclocking (or benchmarking) discussion goes in the sub forum related to the product you're overclocking. CPU/RAM overclockin? CPU, RAM, motherboards sub forum. GPU overclocking? Graphics cards sub forum.
  25. Could be "ERA - Ameno" that you're thinking off?