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To 1440p, or not to 1440p?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey all,


I'm planning a new build with a new monitor. I know I want high refresh rate (probably 144hz) and G-SYNC, but I'm not sure if I want 1080p, like with this monitor, or 1440p, like with this one. The graphics card of the new system is going to be an RTX 2070 Super, so it could handle 1440p pretty easily. I mostly play CS:GO and Overwatch, and I'm planning to play Tarkov and Cyberpunk with the new system.


Any input and experience is really appreciated. Thanks!

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If you have the budget, get the 1440p monitor. Things will look a little crisper and your GPU should be able to push the FPS fine.


If you were trading refresh or response for those extra pixels I'd say "don't do it", but all else being equal, the extra pixels will just be a nicety.

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I agree with the above go with the 1440p.  If you are playing something like CS:GO, you can always drop the in game settings to 1080p to pull a few more FPS, if you even want them, with a 2070 supper you rate will be just fine.

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It can run at 1440p 144fps, no problem. If you are willing to spend that extra money in the 1440p moniter do it. If you go with 1080p you might be able to get a 155hz or 165hz moniter. 



it is gsync compatible (not certified)

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