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    IT Technician


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    Intel Core i5 4670K
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero
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    G.Skill 16GB (4x4GB) 1600MHz
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    MSI Radeon R9 280 Gaming 3GB
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    Corsair 400R
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    Samsung 840 EVO 120GB / WD Caviar Black 1TB
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    Corsair HX750
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    Acer S230HL
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    Corsair H100i
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    Razer DeathStalker
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    Razer Taipan
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    Windows 10 64 bits

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  1. Did you install the latest LAN drivers from MSI's website? You could also try another ethernet cable just to make sure.
  2. First I would try to use DDU just in case it's an issue with your GPU drivers and install the latest stable drivers from AMD's website. If it doesn't work, try to clean install Windows 10 and install all the latest drivers just to make sure you're not dealing with somekind of software issue. Also are you on Wi-Fi or you're using an ethernet cable?
  3. You can buy a ARGB splitter like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-Addressable-Universal-Radiators/dp/B083X1W5G4/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=argb+splitter&qid=1605905128&sr=8-4
  4. Since you already have a G-Sync monitor I would keep the RTX 3080.
  5. You have an external sound card for your XLR mic? If so, can you see the external soundcard in device manager?
  6. True, I just edited my post. Thanks.
  7. That's the main reason why usually they're louder, but some of them have a slider that you can adjust to reduce the speed/noise.
  8. The main downside is your fans won't be controlled by your motherboard, since they're plugged straight into the power supply.
  9. If you don't want to buy a fan splitter, your only option right now is to plug only 2 fans and wait until you can buy the splitters.
  10. I'm pretty sure your CPU will bottleneck the RTX 3080, I would upgrade to a Ryzen 5600X or 5800X.
  11. Since you're using it for content creation and I guess you don't wanna spend a 1000$ on an expensive 4K display this one would be a good choice IMO. Asus ProArt Display PA278QV
  12. Do you have the same issue if you try with another web browser?
  13. Try to uninstall your audio driver reboot and install the newer version (download it from the manufacturer website). I guess you've tried your mic on another computer and it works fine?