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30 minutes ago, Dinesh1 said:

How to quote user in forum

There are two ways...

  • Hold your shift key and press the number 2 to get the @ symbol to come up. Then start typing in the users name and when you see the users name, make sure you click on it. It should look like this @Dinesh1 if you did it correctly. It should look like this @Dinesh1 if you did not do it right.
  • You can also quote people much quicker just by highlighting any part of what they say and click on quote selection. If you did it correctly, it should look like this...
30 minutes ago, Dinesh1 said:

what you leave here is up to you

If it's in that orange color or in that black quote bar, that is when people will get a notification that you have responded to them. Do not respond/quote a user over and over. They will get the first response/quote you create. If you want to add more info to them before they respond, just click on the pencil and edit your response.

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1 hour ago, Dinesh1 said:

How to report for hackers in gta5 game

Bring up main menu(I press start), go to the Online tab, click on Players, find the player that is hacking, click on Report, click on whatever they are doing to you and then submit the report. If you want to kick them from your game, you need multiple people in the lobby to go to Kick(right above Report when on a player). It has to be a clear majority in order for the kick to work. Some hackers can't be kicked.

1 hour ago, Dinesh1 said:

I get trapped many time in cage

Best way to avoid this is to play in solo public lobbies by using a trick with your PC to kick everyone out your lobby at the same time.


To do this, simply Alt+Tab to your desktop, keep the Alt+Tab held down, right click on your start menu, then click on Task Manager. You can now let go of Alt+Tab. Click on the Performance tab. Click on Open Resource Monitor. Look for GTA5.exe, right click on it(make sure you only click on GTA5.exe) and click on Suspend Process. Wait 8-10 seconds, then click on Resume Process above where you clicked on Suspend Process.


That is it, now click back on the game on your start menu at the bottom of the screen and voila, it will show that everyone has been kicked out of your lobby. Leaving just you in a public lobby all to yourself. People can still join so every time you see someone join, go to kick where I mentioned it above. They will be kicked in around 20-30 seconds provided nobody else joins.


Hope this helps. 

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