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    Actor, comedian, writer, producer.


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  1. Looks like a combination of the Lian Li LANCOOL II-X and the Thermaltake V200. Always like what DIYPC has to offer because I feel the name fits. Meaning, make the case great yourself via modification. The DIYPC Solo-T2 is actually a really surprising case to snag when it hits right around twenty bucks and the DIYPC DIY-A1 is a great case to build in and mod(especially the front for better airflow) so I definitely wish to snag this DIYPC DIY-F21 once it gets back to around this posted price again(it's at $41 right now). How did you find out about this case? It's
  2. Black Desert Online is FREE right now on Steam. 75% positive reviews. 28,669 positive. 9,224 negative. Free to keep when you get it before Mar 10 @ 4:00am.
  3. No problem. Yes, the 212 EVO will work with this config.
  4. If you do, make sure you... Mod it Fractal Design Focus G Black - $49 (it comes in white but for $63 right now) darkFlash DLM 22 White - $53 ($55 for mesh front panel, may or may not be worth it for better airflow bc you can always mod the $53 non-mesh front panel one) And if it helps, the FD Focus G is almost 4 years old in May and the dF DLM 22 is almost 2 years old in May. The CM Q300L just turned 3 years old a few days ago.
  5. LOVE this case and I really enjoyed building in it. People think it has zero space for anything when it's actually quite the opposite. I think some people just have never built in a MicroATX mini tower before and read reviews and believe into what they read. Yea, definitely worth mentioning but it's not too bad because it's a really light miniature case(just 6 lbs). I do prefer to plug in my flash drive in the 3.0 port on the back when transferring things so what I did was leave room to move the case a little bit physically to put in the flash drive each time. It sucks at first but you
  6. That is one hell of a deal. Superb snag. You literally bought the CPU and got the motherboard for free... Plus an $18 discount(since the 10100F is $128 an Amazon right now). Why not happy? Don't you know some bright sides of MATX? It's literally 2.4" smaller with one less GPU slot. Were you planning on cross fire? MATX actually promotes better airflow and leaves room for greater expansion. Sure the VRM setup is non-existent on this board and the RAM is limited to DDR4 2666 but it's still gonna provide a good experience for that price. I'm interested
  7. Here is the link to the Plug In and Play Digital bundle at Humble. NeuroVoider is at a historic low price of just $0.33 right now in this Humble bundle. 74% positive reviews. 446 positive. 128 negative. Hover is at a historic low price of just $0.33 right now in this Humble bundle. 78% positive reviews. 1,447 positive. 337 negative. Anarcute is at a historic low price of just $0.33 right now in this Humble bundle. 87% positive reviews. 392 positive. 26 negative. I picked up NeuroVoider a couple years ago and thoro
  8. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is at a historic low price of just $7.99 right now at GOG. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY Edition is also at a historic low price of just $9.99 right now at GOG. 97% positive reviews. 464,790 positive. 9,270 negative. Steam link.
  9. No, it's not a good deal. It's a great deal. It's been $270 to $323 at Newegg since mid December of last year. Now who it's a great deal for is going to vary. That's a good $40 to $93 off its common price over the past few months. The i5 10400F is $151 right now, which is $79 cheaper and the better deal when it comes to strictly gaming because in most higher demanding games, the performance difference between the two is around 1-18 fps in 1080p and somewhere in the middle for the most part. It really depends on the game and resolution in particular. And the higher the r
  10. Train Simulator 2021 is just $1.00 right now on Humble and you get 5 FREE DLC's in the bundle. 66% positive reviews. 13,423 positive. 6,607 negative. Steam link.
  11. 16th. I just edited it. Probably heavy traffic. Usually takes a good hour to subside.
  12. Interesting, verrrrry interesting. Exactamundo. You dammmmmmn right. I use Ultra textures, that's about it. It almost always puts more usage on my GPU(Ultra textures are VRAM intensive) and secretly(for those that don't know) takes some of the usage off my CPU. In turn, lowering my CPU bottleneck. The other settings I come close to ultra would be anything to do with terrain. It always differs in certain games but I like my terrain(ground, not grass) to look more realistic. It's my preferred eye candy setting. I actually turn shadows completely off in certain
  13. Assassins Creed Chronicles China is FREE right now on UPlay. 71% positive reviews. 2,046 positive. 740 negative. Free to keep when you get it before Feb 16.
  14. The only reason it's a hell of a deal to me would be the fact that the rest of the build is just $300. And I understand that for some people, obtaining a good price on a used GPU may be a tough task but it's not that way for everybody. Wrong place and wrong someone if you ask me. Sounds about right. It's not a bad GPU if you don't mind between 30-60 fps in 1080p. Sounds dead accurate. If you're fine with that, more power to ya'. Even after upgrading my GTX 1060 3GB, it'll always be a BEAST to me. It's actually one of the main contributors to my knowledge of indi